Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Love/Hate Relationships

We all have that special something that we love for so many reasons and can't live without but it's that one big issue we can't ignore that gives us a tinge of woe. Here's some of mine. What's yours? Comment and share if you dare.

The best. toy. ever. invented: LEGOs. My son loves them so much and it feeds his imagination daily. Love, love, love LEGOs! Hate the fact that there really is no good way to store and organize all the pieces. I have LEGOs strewn about all over my house, under the bed, inside the vacuum cleaner, you get the idea.

I love cooking. One way I like to show my love for my family is cooking homemade meals. With all that cooking comes a lot of dirty dishes and "equipment".  I hate the clean-up of all those dishes, pots, pans...(thanks for doing those dishes tonight my sweet)

I love everything there is to love about gardens. Beautiful colors and scents, compliments of Mother Nature.  I hate the gardening part of gardens. Here it is almost July and I just finished spring clean-up of the yard and garden beds. That's just wrong. If it wasn't for my son helping out each day (I paid him in Go-Go's Evolution packs - if you thought organizing LEGOs was bad, think again) I'd still be doing spring clean-up in August.

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Knitty Delicious said...

I can't stand bad drivers, taking out the trash and errant rawhide left by the beags all over the house!


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