Monday, June 27, 2011

What is LOVD?

The obvious next question, right? I'll do my best to summarize briefly. My husband is a night-owl, and I, as fate would have it, am not. Although I wouldn't label myself someone who jumps out of bed at the crack of dawn with a smile on her face, I do manage to be an early riser even though most days it doesn't look pretty. But if I had to choose a label, I'm the early bird getting the proverbial worm.

You have to understand, my husband owns his own business and is up most days until 2 AM working, and working, and (you get the picture). Most nights when I'm sitting across from him, the head I see connected to his body is the top of the laptop computer with the brightly glowing piece of fruit (Apple) staring back at me (almost mocking me as if to say, "I've got his attention and you don't, so there!) Well, not being the jealous type, I find a comfy place in the room and have the TV lull me to sleep around 10:00 PM. I finally figured out it wasn't out of exhaustion that I was catching some ZZZZ's but rather boredom that took over my conscience state. My husband suggested I find a hobby that would keep me awake at night so I could at least make it until 11:00 PM before zonking out. Enter jewelry-making hobby. I found this really cool method of interweaving copper wire jump rings into bracelets. After my first attempt I was hooked. I now understand all you knitters out there. I love the rhythm I get into when I'm making a bracelet, and the challenge of figuring out a weave really feeds my engineering mind. I began customizing bracelets by adding personalized sterling silver charms to the bracelets that I stamp by hand. (More on that later.) I also got into glass pendants because I love designing new images and placing them behind glass to wear as necklaces.
Royal Pearl Bracelet

Jewelry Box Bracelet for a Communion
 I started wearing what I made and people started to notice. After several inquiries I decided to start making bracelets for people who asked. After all how many bracelets could I make for myself? I began taking custom orders and voila!, a business was born. Friends suggested I share my creations with the world so I'll be opening my Etsy shop soon. Keep an eye out!

I never expected to be a jewelry designer. In fact, I started a college admissions consulting business several years ago called College Driven so it's not like I was needing some new business venture. But this jewelry-making thing has become so much fun and really helps me explore my creative side. Very soon you'll see my wares at a local boutique in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. I am very excited about the opportunity (more on that later, too)!

I have no explanation of how I got from Point A to Point B other than this must be the journey God has prepared for me during this time of my life. I believe it, I'm going with it, I'm on board, I'm grateful for it. Everything has fallen into place so nicely that I can't imagine it could be anything but God. Where ever this leads, to God be all the glory.

Have you ever stepped out and did something not knowing where it was going to lead, but somehow you knew it was all going to be good?

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