Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What I Made Wednesday {Halloween Costume Upgrade and a Linky Party}

Happy Halloween you ghouls and goblins! Our Trick-or-Treating has been postponed until Sunday due to the bad weather brought-on by Hurricane Sandy. No complaints, though; I wish it was on the weekend every year. Gathering up candy door-to-door on a school night kinda dampens the whole experience.

My son was kind this year in choosing an easy-peasy costume: a 1950's Greaser. We had the jeans, the belt, the socks, the shoes, the white t-shirt, comb, and the hair gel. What we didn't have was the leather jacket, which I had the awesome luck of finding on my first stop at Sears (thank you)! He wore the whole outfit last Friday at a Halloween Party but his first run had people wondering if he was The Fonz. What?!?!

 It is missing that no-guess element, right? So, with some Avery blank labels, a T-Birds logo from the movie Grease, and my trusty Xacto knife, I got to work. I think it turned out great! And now, there's no question. You won't be looking for a motorcycle or Richie Cunningham when my little Greaser enters the room.

Trace the logo onto the sticker paper. Cut with knife. Stick onto jacket.
 And, because we already had the Avery label paper, this upgrade cost me nothing! The jacket looks so much cooler, now!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

And before October slips into November, take some time to enjoy all the wonderfully-creative projects from this month's Spark Linky Party I guest co-hosted. You guys are simply amazing! 


It's October, that means a whole new theme for SPARK!

Last month was wonderful, so many fantastic links!
Let's do it again by adding your Fall inspired recipes, stories, outdoors ideas and games, photography, crafts, Etsy items, and more.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Milemarker 40: An Update on a Milestone

Do you remember this What I Made Wednesday? Click here to catch up. This unassuming, little project has been viewed over 4,000 times by you lovely LOVD readers! I had no idea it would get so much attention. It was just a wish list I gathered together to start my 40th-year off right. I wanted to remember what I wanted for myself during this 4th decade of my life. I didn't want an entire year to pass, busy with the day-to-day, and not experience what I felt was important for me this year.

So, it's been a little over 6 months since my birthday; half of the year has passed by and I wanted to take stock as to how I've been doing. I figure if I need to make adjustments, I still have the other half of the year to get my act together. And, considering the odd popularity of this project, I can only assume many of you did the same exercise for your own milestone birthday. I hope you take time to evaluate your own progress, too. Let's do it together.

Add eyeliner and mascara to make-up arsenal - check, but only on special occasions. I do use the clear mascara daily, though.

More family time - check, but we've always spent a lot of time together. What I did change is how often I see my grandmother. I've seen her much more these last 6-months than before in the same amount of time.

Hike - such an easy one to do since we love it so much and we've found many new parks, too!

Workout - umm, no comment (and don't judge me, please).

Attend a blog conference - well, I should have attended the BlogHer conference in NYC; especially because I was voted their Voices of the Year honoree for the Identity category, but, I just didn't feel the expense was worthwhile.

To God be all the glory - I have never realized this more than these last 6-months.

LOVD Etsy shop - I know, I know, promises, promises. I'm trying, know that. I'm just trying to find the time, really! When it opens, you'll be the first to know if you keep coming back here.

Date Nights - In these last 6-months, I can remember only 1 night, and I'm pretty sure it was a wedding. Does that count?

Visit with more friends - I've really stepped up my game here and I'm pretty happy about it. I've been making time for more luncheons with girlfriends and I always walk away happy.

Beauty regime - I wish I could adopt one but beyond face wash and moisturizer, I frankly don't have time for much more; this really was wishful thinking as I'm too low-maintenance.

Be present - life has been hectic and busy and I can't say I do this 100% of the time. I can tell you that, sadly, it takes effort for me to do this consciously. There's always something to do, an e-mail to type, etc., that I have to just set it all aside on purpose and enjoy the moment.

Fresh flowers every week - THANK YOU SUPER HUBBY! If it wasn't for this wonderful, thoughtful man, a bud would not be found in the house! Super Hubby has taken it upon himself to bring me fresh flowers every week since my birthday and I think that's pretty awesome!

Photography class - um, the year is still young?

Try new dining experiences - does trying the new CBO sandwich at McDonald's count?

Buy 1 piece of clothing from Chico's, Coldwater Creek, Talbot's, and Anthroplogie - I have discovered how frugal I am when it comes to buying clothing for myself. It's not that I can't afford the clothing at any of these establishments; it's that I can't get over the ridiculous price-gouging that occurs at these stores and I refuse to play the consumer-fool! So, I'm still trying to bring myself to do it, but money has yet to be left behind. I'll keep you posted.

Write a book or two - does having BlogHer do it for me count? OK, I'm not wimping out on this one, just when I get a breather.

Smile more - I sure hope I am; at least, I feel like I should be because my blessings have sure runneth over.

Eat better - I have good weeks and bad weeks but I'm working on it. It's true, you know: something happens when you turn 40 that makes those cupcakes stick to the hips like never before (oh, the sadness of the reality).

Drink Water - if I drank the customary 8-glasses of water-a-day, I'd probably drown. Can we be happy with 1 bottle of water per day?

Read the entire Bible - I don't feel I've been led to rush Its teachings, but I'm tested everyday!

That's my progress and it doesn't seem like I'll get any farther along today since school is closed due to inclement weather conditions from Hurricane Sandy. Is it still called a "snow day" if there isn't any snow? What will the kiddo and I do today? The possibilities are endless!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Gratitude Journal Monday

Prayers and well-wishes go out to those in the path of Hurricane Sandy. Safe travels to you all who have to evacuate. If you are not affected by this storm, let's pull together and send good thoughts to those on the East Coast, braving this horrendous weather system.
331. I am grateful for the power of prayer, so please, take a moment.
332. I am grateful for the generosity of friends who introduce my son to new experiences.
333. I am grateful for the cautionary ways of New York City - putting people's lives before the New York Stock Exchange.
334. I am appreciative of the new weather technology that allows people the opportunity to be better prepared.
335. I am thankful for those poor weather reporters that are forced to be in the center of it all.

Hoping for a good week for all!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 68.

I love this kid to pieces!
Goodbye week of Indian Summer; I'll miss your warmth in these upcoming winter days.
Goodbye falling leaves that just can't seem to give anyone a break.
Goodbye fading color of golds, reds, and rusts as the panaromic landscape turns grey.
Goodbye teacher conferences this week and appreciating the time teachers share with us.
Goodbye golf season and putting away the clubs until spring time.

Hello awesomely-awesome Halloween Party for kids that's sure to rock the club.
Hello spending those rockin' good times with school friends that hopefully turn into life-long friends.
Hello son's first Browns football game ever - go for the food and friends, not the football!
Hello sudden costume change as my son goes from Ninja (last year's costume) to 50's greaser.
Hello scouring the planet for a faux black leather jacket for tonight's party - I have 7 hours, wish me luck!

School projects, homework, sports, parties, friend get-togethers (can't say playdate, anymore), clubs: I know it's crazy, I know it's busy, but OMG am I going to miss all this when my son goes off to college. And when he does leave us to go off on his own, I don't want to be sad, I want to, instead, be glad for the wonderful time I had being his mom during the school years. Yes, sometimes it's crazy, but that's part of the fun! So, if you're a mom that's been run ragged these past few weeks, take a different perspective. Try to have fun with all of this because, when there isn't a cupcake to bake for a bake sale, when there isn't a party to plan for the kids, and when there isn't a game to watch in freezing, cold rain at the school field, you'll wish you would have enjoyed the time while you were living it. Enjoy it now and have no regrets later.

Happy Weekend! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gotta Run!

Too busy today
to make complete sentence.
Thought I'd give picture.
Says 1,000 words!
Have good day.

Why, all of a sudden, am I in the mood for a fortune cookie? 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What I Made Wednesday {Glass Block Creation}

Ooooo have I gotta thing for glass block and I'm totally impressed by all you wonderful people out there that have done nothing but spectacular projects using them. I decided to come up with my own little creation to add to the mix. I hope it measures up to your liking!

What You'll Need

Krafty Block Glass Block
Scrapbook paper
Diamond Glaze or Modge Podge
Fall floral
Leaf stickers
Alphabet stickers
Blue Painter's Tape, not shown

What You'll Do
Don't be intimidated by the multiple steps that follow. It's really quite simple, I'm just thorough. Don't be afraid to make your glass block your own - use it as your canvas and explore the possibilities. At the end of this post I've shared with you my Pinterest pages where I collected several glass block projects that helped me get inspired.

Trace your glass block onto your scrapbook paper with a pencil and cut out.
I chose to position the glass block's opening to be the top. To adhere the scrapbook paper to the back of the glass block, I used something called DiamondGlaze. If you don't have this, no worries, just use ModgePodge.
Carefully smooth out any wrinkles and air bubbles that may have formed between the paper and glass block. Doing this will allow the glue to seep out the sides. Just take a damp paper towel and wipe clean.
It looks cute enough at this point but we can do so much more!
Using blue painter's tape as a guide, apply your lettering. Mine looks like tree bark!
Insert your floral and place the cap back on.
What You'll Need to Know to Finish
Again, it looks good but we could do so much better still. We have to hide that ugly plastic cap that covers the hole opening so take a 2-inch ribbon and wrap it around the perimeter of the glass block. Make it easier on yourself and make sure your ribbon is the same pattern on both sides. The one I chose was white on the opposite side and so I had to double up the ribbon, gluing the backsides together. Remember, the sides of your glass block will have the ribbon showing through so you want it to be pretty.

As a finishing touch I took leaf stickers and scattered them to the front, left face.

I worked on this project 2 days ago out on my back deck, soaking in the sunshine. Do you see the beautiful warmth in the pictures I took. Oh, it felt so good to be out there in the late days of October. Indian Summer, how I wish you could stay longer. Glad I enjoyed you, though, when you were here.

I was so inspired by many glass block projects out there and I wanted to share with you, those that I just absolutely adore! Enjoy and start those wheels turning to indulge in your own glass block project! Easy and fun!

See my PinBoards for these links here and there!

I purchased my glass block from Hobby Lobby.

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