Friday, February 10, 2012

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 33.

Goodbye little squirrel that seemed to hold my attention for quite awhile; I must be easily amused.
Goodbye dear neighbor and friend who's not moving far away, but far enough to still make me miss her in the 'hood.
Goodbye much needed girl-talk at Panera's - after 4-hours I'm shocked we weren't kicked out.
Goodbye bad news for a neighbor diagnosed with cancer. As you begin your chemotherapy, my prayers are for your wellness and recovery.
Goodbye gaining even more understanding of knowing what I don't want and realizing that's just as important as discovering what I do want.

Hello making a maple syrup run as we are all out of that yummy liquid-gold.
Hello bowling birthday party for a school friend - let the fun begin!
Hello having friends over for Sunday breakfast and putting that liquid-gold to good use atop some homemade Belgium waffles.
Hello cleaning the house like a wild banshee to get ready for our breakfast guests - not that they care.
Hello catching the newly-released STAR WARS Episode 1 movie in 3-D and wondering why I'm giving George Lucas even more money to watch a film I've already seen?

The "hello's" and "goodbye's" were rather lengthy this time 'round so I'll make my Lessons Learned short and sweet. This week I learned sunshine really does affect my demeanor. I never thought I was swayed one way or another by the brightness of the day, but it seems I am. Everybody, not just me, seems to be more chipper on a sunny day. No wonder Disney World is the happiest place on earth; it's sunny in Florida 250 days of the year, on average!

Do you notice a better mood rising when the sun beams brighter?


Anonymous said...

It is difficult to say goodbye to Panera - am I right? Four hours somehow turns into five....and then we just have to buy some of their tomato basil bread....

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment on Amy Sullivan's blog - you are such an encouragement to me, Lilly. Hope you enjoy your weekend. Homemade Belgium waffles - how could you not!

xoxo michele

Suzan Wood-Young said...

Hello sister, from another mister! We are on the same page as I clean and make plans for Sunday brunch with friends. I have a giant jug Nova Scotia maple syrup in my cupboard I would have gladly shared if you'd let me know. :) I put my my waffle maker up for grabs on FB however. As my daughter said "We're more of a pancake people". And yes, this week I did come to the conclusion that I NEED the sun to feel human. We've been socked in with valley fog for over a week!

I am LOVD said...

Michele, that is exactly what happened to my friend and I at Panera's. We got there and ordered breakfast - love their breakfast sandwiches, by the way - then decided around noon to split a carrot cake cupcake - so bad, but soooo good! Heck, if it wasn't for the kids needing someone home when they got home from school, we would have been having soup and sandwiches for dinner. Thanks for all the drink refills, Panera:-)

I am LOVD said...

You are too funny, seriously! Don't tell anyone but I'm a pancake person myself. I muster along for the family's sake. It's a sacrifice but I'll remain strong.

Have a great time on Sunday, as well. Yeah, I would have snagged that maple syrup if you lived closer. Maybe consider yourself lucky;-)

Brunella said...

hello for my return here and goodbye (i hope) to tiredness.:)
(I love wise squirrel)
Miss you most...sometimes i'm very tired, is hard to stay in Italy...

I am LOVD said...

Hang in there, Brunella! Europe was hit hard this year with winter, but spring always come if we wait long enough:-)


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