Monday, February 27, 2012

Gratitude Journal Monday

Wow, OK, that felt like a really short weekend! How about for you? I hope your Gratitude Journey continues today and you reap all the benefits that await a grateful heart. If you're just getting started, click here to find out more. If you're having trouble some Mondays trying to come up with 5 declarations of gratitude, it's time to let your mind go and just allow your fingers to keep tapping at the keyboard; go with whatever comes to mind, big or small. Just the fact that you are able to breathe without an oxygen mask is enough thankfulness. Don't take the little things for granted, and your big thanks will eventually emerge from your thoughts. Everyone needs a warm-up, especially when you're not so prepared to start a Monday.

165. I am grateful for learning how to read.
166. I am grateful for learning how to write.
167. I am grateful for libraries.
168. I am grateful for great, dedicated teachers.
169. I am grateful for all the family and friends around the world that were involved in funeral arrangements for my grandmother in Europe; coordination was quite the project.
170. I am grateful for services like Western Union that make money-exchanges easy and safe for my father as he took care of funding funeral arrangements for his mom across the ocean.

Have a great week and think about all the little things you just couldn't live without. You can declare some gratitude right now by leaving a comment, if you'd like. 

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Suzan Wood-Young said...

Thanks Lilly! I was a bit stumped this morning if you can believe it, I know I have so much to be grateful for but I wanted to get down to the basics this week, and your post has encouraged me!


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