Friday, September 21, 2012

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 63.

STS-72: The mission my crystallization growth experiment went up to be tested.
Goodbye space shuttle program that lured me into becoming an aerospace engineer; like Endeavour, I, too, have made my final flight and retired years ago.
Goodbye productive week, professionally and personally.
Goodbye Super Hubby's dental surgery, Part I, and being so proud of how well he's been taking the pain (no meds) and adjusting to it all.
Goodbye sleeping in the guest room for fear of hitting Super Hubby in the mouth while I sleep.
Goodbye What I Made Wednesday project that I'm pretty proud of because I saved a lampshade from filling a landfill.

Hello birthday celebration for my sainted father; happy birthday, Tata!
Hello catching up on the dreaded chore of ironing - the albatross of my life.
Hello iPhone 5; I'm not getting one but, man, it's exciting to watch all the hullabaloo!
Hello taking in the cool breeze of Autumn as it fills the lungs and gives sigh to summer memories.
Hello apple picking, hay rides, pumpkin carving, and bonfires all on the To-Do list for Fall.

The lesson I learned this week is how "at-the-ready" I am when somebody gets sick, is scheduled for an operation, or is in any way incapacitated. I love being the nurturer in that kind of situation. But, my caring is more along the lines of Ina Garten, not Clara Barton. I care by feeding the ill. It's the way I show my love and caring. I plan meals appropriately, make sure the "patient" is comfortable and well-fed. When Super Hubby was going in for dental surgery this week, I planned an entire soft foods menu and I started cooking! I was a mad woman in the kitchen, up to my elbows in soups, jello, and milkshakes. It felt good to keep busy, knowing my efforts would make him more comfortable during his healing process. When you're sick or on the mend, I'm your gal to come to your rescue and help make the healing better (at least that's what I tell myself) through your stomach. Anything beyond food, though, and I'm worthless. I even forgot to tell Super Hubby to take his antibiotic last night - oops. But, hey, he's not hungry!

Happy weekend, everyone!


Ashley said...

My husband's iPhone came in an hour ago, and he is having me take it up to work for him. *lol*

True story: I once gave my husby a bloody nose while asleep. I didn't realize it until I woke up the next morning, and he told me. Good call on sleeping in the guest room. :) Hope he feels well soon!

I am LOVD said...

I knew someone out there would understand:-)

I am LOVD said...

I told I wasn't getting the iPhone 5 - but Super Hubby just walked in with one, though. He waited 3 hours!


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