Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to Eat Concord Grapes

It never occurred to me that there might be some of you folks out there that have no idea how to eat Concord grapes! The approach is quite different from the red seedless grapes you purchase at the grocery store. I assure you, it's simple, but takes some practice.

My son has his own method and I think it's the best to try for all you newbies. Here are his instructions to enjoying this delicious fruit.

1. Select a grape from your cluster.
2. Squeeze the grape from the skin to pop open and squeeze into your mouth. 3. Suck the grape behind your teeth to separate the grape from the seeds. 4. Chew the grape without the seeds and swallow.
5. Keep the seeds in your teeth while chewing the grape, then spit them out.
 You're not done, yet. There's a lot of yumminess still in the skin.

6. Take the grape skin and suck out the juice.
7. Spit out the skin.
8. Repeat steps 1 - 7.

Now you try!


Britni Alexis said...


I found you through the blog hop and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better! :)

Those are my favorite kind of grapes!


I am LOVD said...

I wanted to interject the following but didn't want to include in the post to avoid confusion...

There are many ways to eat Concord Grapes. For instance, my husband eats the seeds. I, on the other hand, am a wimp. I only suck out the juice from the skin and the pulp and spit it all out - I know, pathetic.

momto8 said...

oh my gosh! after seeing your son eating these grapes I realized my kids have never ever eaten a concord grape! oh my! shopping tomorrow. he is a good model.

APK said...

Grape seeds are very good for you. But I don't like how they ruin the experience and get stuck in my teeth so I don't chew them but spit them out or swallow them.
There are seedless varieties bred from Concord with a similar flavour such as Trollhaugen, Venus and Mars.


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