Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day. I {Heart} You!

Thank you to One Artsy Mama for the FREE printable.
Happy Valentine's Day beautiful, LOVD reader. I'm so happy you stopped by today. I'm sending all my love to you in hopes you have a lovely Valentine's Day. Whether you have a Valentine to hug today or not, consider yourself blessed. No matter what your situation, remember two things: 1. You are never alone, and 2. To love others you must first love yourself.


 Come on now, this was supposed to be a quick-read today so pull yourself away, go love somebody, and have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Having any yummy sweets today?


Brunella said...

Lily, a bih hug (or embrace?) to you and happy Valentine's Day.
Tanto amore per tutti.
From your Italy :)
(my son cooks "Sacher Torte" for his girlfriend)
(he cooks for me "diplomatici"; it's a little cake like ...eat,pray,love...when Julia Roberts lives in Rome; sorry :)
Happy Valentine's Day :)

Betty Sneeringer said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you - such a sweet, caring friend you are.


Chrissy said...

Happy Valentines Day!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Suzan Wood-Young said...

Happy Valentine's Day dear friend, hope you and your sweetheart enjoy some special time together!


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