Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Trip of a Lifetime

I'm not familiar with the concept of vacations. Annual getaways are foreign to my family's lifestyle and understanding. Demands set by my husband's business don't really offer much opportunity to take time away from it all, minus the occassional weekend jaunts.

I am, however, on a trip. In fact, I believe it's a trip of a lifetime; my life's journey. And just like a vacation, after all that planning to the most minute detail, it can still rain on your parade, your flight may be delayed, and you could even get a little lost along the way. A life's journey is unpredictable. It can be exciting at times but, most often, mundane. The truth is, real life is not one big, long vacation, now is it? It's a trip that will take a long time to complete, if we're lucky that is. We'll learn along the way, slowly peeling back the layers of self to finally reach our final destination - the core of who we are as a being as we travel this universe.

Don't wait to try a new food. Don't save that special cocktail dress for the captain's table. Don't run yourself ragged most of your days waiting to "get away" so you can finally relax. Do all these things now, right now! You don't need a ticket to a faraway land with Tiki huts to find your inner peace. All you need is a healthy curiosity, a willing spirit, and enough self respect to discover your pure essence.

That's a trip I don't want to miss and you shouldn't either. I hope you book your trip today. Travel agents are standing by. I bet it'll be a great trip - just be sure to send a postcard telling me where you end up.

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Brunella said...

la valigia
sapere che rimane in attesa di nuovi ricordi.
yes willing spirit, pure essence.
Wise words.
(grazie mille...)

Suzan Wood-Young said...

what a journey it much to learn, so much to see, so many to love!

PAM said...

What a great post Lilly!! You are right.... we don't want to miss the "trip" waiting for the ride or perfect opportunity to finally come along.


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