Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Valentine from Afar

As a newcomer to the blog world, any opportunity to meet new bloggers is always a welcomed event in my book. And, when you throw gifts into the mix, well, participating is a no-brainer. So, when Crystal from Homemaker in Heels announced she was hosting a homemade Valentine's gift exchange between bloggers across the country, I told her to! I was paired up with a lovely blogger, Chrissy, from Minnesota. Check out her awesome blog, The Taylor House, where she shares family life, delicious recipes, and fantastic crafts.

The day the package came I was super excited. My package came even before I was able to send out her handmade gift - man, she's sharp! But, I got done with her gifts over the weekend and sent out her package on Monday. She received it yesterday and we agreed to open up our gifts. Lookie, lookie what I got...

Chrissy is so talented with the knitting needles (something I could not fathom doing myself, requires too much coordination). She made me one of my favorite things, an infinity scarf. Don't you just love it? She then knitted me a heart pin I could wear with the scarf. She continued the knitted-heart theme by making me a bookmark (love books). Chrissy included chocolates and some lip gloss and perfume from Victoria's Secret. I loved every single item. In fact, I'll be sporting my infinity scarf today while volunteering at the school. Knowing it was all handmade, knowing it was made just for me, is absolutely, single-handedly what I adore about handmade. Chrissy, thank you so much for such a wonderful Valentine. You took the time to think about me and you done good, girl!

Let's hope Chrissy likes my handmade gifts to her equally well. Chrissy and I shared some "favorite things" via e-mail before getting started on each other's gifts. The fact that she liked baker's twine was good enough for me to know she was a special person. She also shared her new love for lemons. I was able to incorporate the lemon obsession, but not the baker's twine (not for lack of trying).

I handmade Chrissy a lemon pendant necklace to feed her lemon obsession. Getting to know Chrissy, it's clear her family means the world to her. I wanted to capture that in a handmade LOVD bracelet. After weaving the bracelet, I hand stamped a sterling silver pendant with their family's name and the year they were married, marking the start of their family, even if it was just the two of them in the beginning. I added a batch of our famous toffee we make for my husband's clients during the holidays (so good). Finally, I gave Chrissy the paint chip heart pennant from this week's What I Made Wednesday.

This little event added so much excitement to this year's Valentine's Day and I thank Crystal from Homemaker in Heels for coordinating and hosting such a unique experience. Be sure to visit Chrissy at The Taylor House and drop her a comment telling her LOVD sent you!

Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by.


Betty Sneeringer said...

Sounds (and looks) like you two are equally blessed with your new blog friendship.


Suzan Wood-Young said...

What a lovely idea!

Chrissy said...

Thank you so much!! I cannot tell you how greatful I am!!

CaseyWiegand said...

i just wanted to send you some love sweet friend!!!! hugs! xoxoxo

I am LOVD said...

Thanks for all your comments! I'm feeling the love. And, I've got a Valentine's gift for all of you, too! I've turned off the Word Verification for Comments - hopefully it works out. It'll be less of a pain to leave a comment and it'll be quicker.

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