Friday, April 6, 2012

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 41.

Goodbye sweet snack with my sweet boy as we made ourselves comfortable at Panera's.
Goodbye Harry Potter movie marathon - finally saw the last movie and now I get it.
Goodbye writing a bully-awareness post I want shared with the world. Will you help spread the word? Thank you to all who already have!
Goodbye opening day at the ballpark- the boys are back in town and they broke the record for most innings played on opening day (16 innings - bummer we didn't win).
Goodbye sweet-smelling Easter Lily whose fragrance fills the room and delights my senses - thank you Super Hubby.

Hello waiting patiently one more week for Easter baskets and egg hunts as the Orthodox Easter falls on April 15.
Hello wrapping up the taxes and not mentioning it again for another year - amen.
Hello diving in and conquering the task of creating my son's birthday party invitations to be delivered on Monday - no exceptions.
Hello to taking a dust rag to some of my wood surfaces and sending dust bunnies away for awhile; Easter or not, dust bunnies are not as welcomed as the chocolate kind.
Hello to taking a bike ride or two and getting some fresh air and exercise.

This week's lessons learned is a tough one for me to distinguish. With all the week's happenings, it's hard to pluck out just one. Some weeks I'm able to easily see the lesson learned, staring me down like a mammoth boulder of philosophical wisdom. Other weeks, the lessons come to me as small pebbles, necessary though, in filling the cracks to the road of life. Self discovery for me was key this week, like when I traded a $150 hair highlighting session I've been doing for years for a $9 bottle of color, and I'm pleased with the results. Or, like when I was in such a funk all weekend-long and Super Hubby comes home with a sweet-smelling Easter Lily on Monday and it instantly brightens my perspective - do I really change emotions that easily? Or perhaps it was the discovery that ignoring a funny noise coming from your car guarantees the check engine light to come on and ensues instant panic while driving on the highway - yikes! Yes, I told you, no earth-shattering revelations this week, but necessary in building a life and defining the person I was made to be.

Happy blessed holiday to all. I'll catch up to you on Easter next Sunday!


Amy Sullivan said...

I love the idea of a hello/goodbye post.

Off to check out the bullying post.

Carmella said...

Aww...such a sweet post! I think the person you are made to be...was made to share things just like this! It made my morning to sit and read this. Life can be so busy at times but I am so happy I was led to reading this :)

I am LOVD said...

Thank you for your lovely comments, friends. I'm so lucky to have such kind hearts gather here.

Betty Sneeringer said...

You are so good at sharing yourself - a blessing to all who read it!


momto8 said...

you are becoming wise, to be so reflective on what life teaches you. I would like to be more like you.

I am LOVD said...

The guidance comes from wanting to be more like Christ...Happy Easter to you and your family, momto8!

KimMalk said...

Happy Easter Miss Lovd. Those small lessons add up. I'm so glad your hair is in good shape with the discount color, good for you :).

Kimberly said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog. I'm struggling with identifying some of my recent lessons. I know I haven't been comfortable with some things going that must mean the lesson isn't complete.


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