Monday, April 23, 2012

Gratitude Journal Monday

Saying thanks is simple. But, gratitude is another concept entirely. Gratitude must be felt, deep in the heart's core, and be genuine to be effective. It's a new way of thinking for many of us Type-A personality people. It's been a difficult transition in my life, anyways. Not because I'm not thankful. My handwritten thank you note would be the first to reach your mailbox for the simplest of gifts. No, it's not that I can't feel thankfulness for gifts or kindness, I do. It's the other side of gratitude with which I sometimes have trouble. It's the part of accepting that all I have is all I need. At times, the concept scares me, leading me into a fear that thinks me complacent, resting on my laurels, so to speak. But, then I look back from where I came when I began this simple Gratitude Journal and I know that sowing an attitude of gratitude does not plant you in complacency, it, in fact, does the opposite. Gratitude roots you in your own values so you may freely grow higher in contentedness; and being content is not complacency, it's happiness.

206. I am forever thankful that the good Lord places in my heart and mind the right words each morning to share with those reading this blog.

207. I am grateful to Super Hubby's unending genius and creativity in planning our son's birthday party (I'll share afterwards and you will be amazed).

208. I am thankful and honored that we are godparents to two little angels.

209. I am grateful that the ailment I had as a child seemed to fade away as I entered adulthood and, with faith, continues to get better and better with each passing year.

210. I know I've sent this out into the Universe before, but I'll send it out again and again because I am so grateful for the beautiful friends I have surrounding me. You truly are ladies to cherish and I hold you all near and dear to my heart.

When it comes to gratitude nothing is too big or too small to mention so, thank away! Have an enjoyable week!


momto8 said...

You are indeed blessed. Today, in the book I am reading, Uncle Toms Cabin, as he lay dying he looks at his tormentor and says, "it is great to be a Christian."

Jenny said...

Such a great message! I am your newest follower from the Networking Blog Hop! I would love if you would check out my blog and if you like what you see please follow back :)
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