Friday, September 14, 2012

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 62.

Goodbye juggling many balls and not letting a single one drop.
Goodbye starting a new opportunity and loving every minute of it.
Goodbye finding my groove after all these years of preparation.
Goodbye fighting off the devil when he sneaks into my head saying I can't do it, because I can, so "Get behind me, devil".
Goodbye Grape Week, it was fun and I hope you enjoyed this week's posts.

Hello s'mores and bonfires and Friday Night Lights, Take 2.
Hello going wherever the wind takes us this long weekend - oh the possibilities.
Hello twin babies and a double Christening - double the blessings.
Hello no-carb weekend because Super Hubby and I are on a roll and want to continue to see weight-loss results - woo-hoo!
Hello realizing that at 40-years old, this isn't a diet but rather a new eating lifestyle that I have to adopt for weight-control and not weight-gain as I grow older.

As "Grape Week" comes to a close, the lesson I learned this week is we all have to be patient and diligent when working to bear our own fruit of success. Usually success comes from a place where we've planted perseverance, hard work, and lots and lots of time. If we don't stick with it, we will never see the fruit of our labors. But when it does happen, it's unpredictable. You'll just be going along your path, working to make sure your planted seed is safe from harm down there in the dirt. You'll put your hopes and dreams into that seed in the dirt you can't even see. But, there's a lot happening to that seed in the ground, whether you can see it or not. And, you'll never know when it's finally going to sprout. But, when it does, it motivates you to continue on and see it bear all your hopes, dreams, and wishes. Plant your seed of dreams and tend to it everyday. Even if you can't see all that's happening to it while it begins to take root deep underground, know that much is going on so be ready when it breaks through, and carry it forth, tend to it, nourish it, so you may bear your own fruit.

Happy weekend, friends. It's a long one for us!


Suzan Wood-Young said...

I'm hoping by "no carb" you mean "low carb". As a type 1 diabetic I can tell you that you NEED carbs to function. If we didn't need carbs then diabetics could just stop eating carbs and live on protein and plants. There would be no need for needles, pumps or pills for Type 2 and all of us could just control our disease by diet. Your brain needs glucose to function, your heart and organs need glucose to function and it gets this glucose from carbs. Not eating carbs puts your body into ketosis which yes, makes you loose weight quickly and unfortunately can be dangerous for your kidneys.

I am LOVD said...

Oh, Suzan, thank you for caring so much. You are right. I meant low carb. But now, you've got me concerned about even low carb since kidney disease runs in my family. I think I'll lose the last of these 10 pounds then just manage with normal, healthy, right-portioned meals. Thanks, sweetie:-) xxoo

ramsaygrace said...

What a beautiful message, and one I needed to hear today. I love when you said, "But there's a lot happening in that seed, whether you can see it or not." You're so right. Many times, I've looked back on a waiting period, to discover that God was there...working on my behalf....and I never knew....because I couldn't SEE it with my eyes. I've been praying that God will give me the eyes to REALLY see and the ears to hear. Again, BEAUTIFUL message! Have a great weekend!

Amy Sullivan said...

Thanks for grape week. I just went back and was poking around, and I especially like when your friends have a farm.

Right now, I'm working on a post about building community and being interesting. I'm totally referencing this's unique. It's not like what's already out there. You have the perfect balance of spiritual, real life, and engagement. Those are the kinds of pieces I like to read, and I think others do too.

Alyssa said...

Mmmm I love s'mores! They are the best! I also love that picture of grapes! YUMMY!! Found you form the blog hop! Have a great Sunday!

Wesens-Art said...

Stopping over from the networking blog hop!
I´m your new follower via GFC!
Check out my blog sometime and follow back if you like!


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