Monday, February 18, 2013

Gratitude Journal Monday

Winter is back.
Happy Presidents' Day, America! Before you head out to indulge in those store sales, have you ever thought about being grateful to be living in the land of the free, home of the brave? I've given it a lot of thought this morning. I've never been a heavily political person. I don't take sides, really, and politics really does rub me the wrong way. But, as grateful as I am to be living here in the good ol' United States, my heart is heavy with sadness because the shine of this great Republic is beginning to tarnish. Yet, I know politics is not to blame, it is, I think, the changed character of the American soul.

It is the character of a great nation that makes it great. This character comes from its people. And as character changes, so does a country. As we grow older, we grow into our character. It's difficult to change an imprint in cement when it has hardened. To do so, it must be broken and started anew. But who wants all that mess and fuss? So, you live with the imprint because it's easier to live with it than to change it.  Change is hard when it's for good. It's a slippery slope when it's for bad. If virtuous ideas and ways are not instilled in our children, our way is already lost.

The mother who commits her life to Welfare because she earns more money in poverty than if she were to work a full-time job is a survivalist who plays the system well in a system that allows her this action. But she would not have made this particular decision if it were not for her character. Alternatively, the small business owner who dedicates 90-plus hours per week to make something of a business, working tirelessly but never quitting, knowing that for every dollar made, half is shared with the U.S. government, that is that owner's character. These two very different people could no sooner switch places as they could their own bodies. It's an individual's character that determines the actions to given situations.

I'm proud of the character these particular Presidents have shown during their time in office and am grateful for their service to the American people.

406. I am grateful for George Washington for accepting the uncertain role of the first President of the United States of America - what guts!
407. I am grateful for the character and conviction of President Abraham Lincoln whose beliefs in God-given rights brought forth a stronger nation.
408. I am grateful for the guts it took from Gerald Ford to give this State of the Union speech to the American people in 1975 - we needed some of this forthright honesty last Tuesday.
409. I am grateful for Theodore Roosevelt's passion for honest capitalism and conservation (I love my parks).
410. I give thanks to all the Presidents, past and present, because it's certainly a job I wouldn't want to take on - thank you.

Let's keep the list going...which President are you grateful for and why?

Happy Presidents' Day! 

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