Tuesday, February 19, 2013

You Gotta Check Out: The J. Peterman Company Catalog

Not much rivals the joy I feel when I see my J. Peterman Company catalog call to me from the tiny, covered shelter of the mailbox. When that beauty of stapled pages arrives it means reading and enjoying every single carefully chosen word that helps take you to another place, perhaps another time, and even a different world far from your daily dealings, while also selling you products that J. Peterman never apologizes for when you glance at the price. He is, after all, doing you a favor as he travels the world to bring you items that are unique, of high-quality, and absolutely exotic.

Did you think J. Peterman was a fictional man and company taken from Seinfeld episodes? No, my friend. The story is rather interesting, however, for there is, indeed, a Seinfeld Show connection with John O'Hurley, the actor who portrayed the J. Peterman legend. Click here, if interested.

Flipping through the catalog is about as close as I'll get to the adventurous lifestyle of J. Peterman, but what a pleasurable, romantic journey it is. I spend hours drinking in every piece of imagery on the page. I am captivated by the artistry of watercolor drawings showing each item for sale. That's right, there is not one photograph in the entire catalog. Each booklet is a work of art in its own right: not only by image made by the brush, but by imagery made by artistic words.

Tell me the following product description doesn't just make you swoon? And, each page has a title that captivates you to read more, learn more about the story behind the item, because, there is always a story. I just love this kind of writing!

Dancing on the Hood of a Bugatti.
"Barefoot, of course. Shelby Lynne easing from the car speakers, you doing a slow-motion swirl in this dress, expressive, free of any other thought except the sun in your face and the breeze in your hair. When we met for dinner at Le Sixieme later that night, you had a gardenia pinned to this dress, from where or whom, I don't know. I was just impressed with your mind and your dinner selection; duck with green olives. I don't know if it's the dress or the person wearing it, or maybe it's the person you become when wearing it. Please let me know." - J. Peterman, early Spring 2013, page 2

It reads like a novel, no? Indulge yourself into this world of romantic intrigue and sign-up for your own J. Peterman catalog. It's your passport to unexplored lands, brought right to your door. And the best part, it's FREE! So, click on over and subscribe today and you'll see exactly why I'm head-over-heels in love with this Peterman-fellow (well, his catalog, at least).

I was not compensated in any way by J. Peterman, or anyone else for that matter, to write this post. The experience and opinions are strictly my own. If, however, J. Peterman would like to thank me for this resounding declaration, I'll take the Wonders of Winter Cabled Cotton Cardigan from page 8 (Early Spring 2013) in a Medium. Thank you! 

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