Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I Made Wednesday {Shares on Display V}

 Wow! A fifth installment to the school's Shares on Display display case. The year is whipping by; there's only 2 more themes left to do!!!!

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This month's theme for the kids is Favorite Video Game or App. Keeping in mind the subject matter, I couldn't just put out a slew of video game cases in the display case. It would be against my better nature. Sooo, instead I decided to get some educational content in there and display a make-shift museum of Video Game Consoles through the ages!

It turns out, Super Hubby has at least one video gaming console from each of the generations of gaming history. Yea, I know!

So, we created cards detailing the history of each console, and also made it interactive by listing ALL the gaming consoles included in that generation, so kids and adults could see which generations they owned, now trapped in the basement in some forgotten cardboard box.

This case was a lot of fun to make. I even cut out some Space Invader aliens and circles for PacMan. And only by sheer luck, I was shopping at Michael's and stumbled upon 3-D stickers of cherries. Perfect!
With the help of Super Hubby's gaming collection hoarding habit, I have to say, my anti-video game self and I are at peace with this display.

The fave games of the students participating this month: Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the entire dynasty of Legend of Zelda, and MineCraft, of course!

Click this link to see which generations you own!

If you are interested in seeing Displays from previous months, here's the list of themes. 

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Anonymous said...

Im planning for my schools spring fashion show and I'm stuck on a theme. Last years theme was "safari". & im presenting this to my teacher and the advance class.. I thought of "sping on the runway" What do you think about that?.
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