Monday, March 18, 2013

Gratitude Journal Monday

I've had such a delightful weekend. Nothing exciting to speak of, though. I'm pretty sure we never left the house except to return 2 movies to Red Box. In fact, Super Hubby and I worked on the taxes so it shouldn't have been my idea of a good time. Yet, when you take a weekend and stay home, you find that happiness can be achieved when balancing work and play. Yes, we worked on the taxes, but we also took breaks, played games with Kiddo, watched more movies, and worked on taxes some more. It's amazing how long and productive a weekend can be when you stay at home, enjoy your home and your family, delight in making meals from the foodie treasures in your fridge. I like slowing down. It makes Monday so much easier to face. (The start of Spring Break helps, too.)

 426. I am grateful for the little lark I have the pleasure of listening to every day as he hums about without even recognizing the uplifting affects he has on my heart.

427. I am grateful for Spring Break and looking to our days off with adventurous eyes and open hearts.

428. I am grateful for weekends where the most strenuous of activities is building a fire in the fireplace.

429. I am thankful for kind words when I need them, warm hugs when I feel alone, and a gentle ear to listen to my ramblings; I am grateful for friends.

430. I am grateful that after 3 years of owning my own business, I am finally declaring income this year; let the tax man cometh!!!

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Suzan Wood-Young said...

Oh what a lovely weekend! And I love it when I'm in sync with a friend. Spent time doing the books this weekend too, and dropping them off at the accountant this afternoon. yay!


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