Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Elements of Happiness: Letting Go

I used to be a "my way, or the highway" kind of gal when I was younger, less wise, and better looking to be able to get away with it. These days, wrinkles are surfacing, gray hairs are creeping, and wisdom is expanding (along with waistlines, but that's another story). If you're lucky, with time comes wisdom as youth fades into grace, and I'd like to think that's the path I am on. I'm learning about the true importance of life; through trials and failures, I'm expanding my experiences and retaining the education that comes from a curious mind and open heart.

The only problem is when you do put yourself out there, trying new things and expanding your views, life becomes a bit more challenging and complex. What did you expect? If you sat in a closet all your life, nothing would happen, absolutely nothing, in fact. You wouldn't grow your mind and perspective, you would make no contribution to the world, and you certainly wouldn't be achieving your true calling. But, you probably wouldn't have much to fret over: in the closet, ignorance is bliss. But, is that why we're here? I'd like to think not!

Part of life is doing, and part of doing means experiencing triumphs as well as set-backs. And in between it all is a lot of waiting. But, it's in the way you wait that can either add to or rob from your joy and happiness. Are you a worrier? Today's the day you need to set your mind to letting go of that weightiness that takes up brain space and burdens you so heavily. It's time to Surrender All, Cast Your Cares, and stop playing Holy Ghost, Junior. Can you do that? I wrote an earlier post on this very subject and I think, if you're serious about adopting these Elements of Happiness, you should read it, click here. It will help you gain perspective on surrendering your cares to a Spirit that actually has the power to do something about it. You are not in this alone and the sooner you realize it, the happier you'll be and the easier it will become to stop the incessant worry.

Part of letting go the worry is having the faith and patience to let Spirit do what needs to be done. Patience. Yes, something I'm still working on. It's not that I don't trust God to work out the situation for my good, I do. But, I want to have a meeting with God to discuss the details, the how's and the when's (most definitely the when's), and whether or not I agree with His approach. You know, brainstorm a few ideas together and see which is best. Ummm, that's not the way it works and I know it. I need to constantly remind myself that Surrendering All, is exactly that: ALL!

If you have the unfortunate circumstance of desiring control of all aspects of your life and practicing impatience, then you have to start turning things around if you want to achieve happiness. It won't be easy, but tell me what Element of Happiness is? Start small. You'll come to find that, even without your meddling, things usually work out for the best.

You're skeptical, I can feel it. It's OK. When you let go of the worry, you are releasing energy into other areas of your life that you can have an impact on. The key is knowing which issues are beyond your worrying about them, and which ones still require some work on your part. It's difficult to distinguish at times, but you'll know which is which soon enough. If all you can do is worry, it's time to release.   

Casting your cares doesn't mean you don't care, it just means you know the point when there's nothing more you can do. Can you think of a time where worrying helped a situation? And, I do mean the situation, not helping you feel like you were helping the situation by worrying. Usually, it ends up being a lot of wasted time, worrying for nothing. Worrying has never helped in resolution. When there's nothing left to do, most people worry, because it's the only thing that can be done. Happy people don't live their lives this way. STOP! It's at that point where you give it over to a Higher Power, wipe your hands clean of it, and concentrate your mind on more productive matters. Try it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Don't say you can't change or it's not in your nature. It is and if you begin to try, you will make progress.

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