Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What I Made Wednesday {Shares on Display IV}

Wow! Where does the month go? Time, once again, for another Shares on Display window case theme. Have no idea what I'm talking about? It's something I'm doing each month for my son's school. I've taken over a display case in the 5th grade hallway and I've developed themes for each month to which students can bring in items to share with each other while displaying their "shares" in the case. Here's some links to catch-up:

As many month's as there are in the school year, that's how many themes I came up with. Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking about all the lost time with Winter Break, Spring Break, etc. Just between those two holidays, I lose one month!!!!! So I had to get daring and creative. This month's theme is a melting of two themes: Hobbies AND Collections. Hey, if you're going to merge two themes into one, those seemed like the logical ones, right?

No, you're not seeing things. I added the buttons to cover up the kids' names. Not all items are displayed, yet.

We had already lost a week since we didn't start school back up from break until January 7. I had to think fast, create fast, and still have it be cool. What to do, what to do? Well, I found some old 8x8 scrapbook paper and I started stapling away. I think it looks a lot better in person (you'll have to trust me on that one).

After the holidays, Michael's had this mega-sale on these unbelievably adorable laser-cut picture frames. I bought 5 and pinned them to the back of the display. Each one reads "Hobbies and Collections" in different languages. The verse for this month: "5th Graders Are Interesting" (I had no room for the exclamation point this time around).

Kids are still bringing in their items, but so far we have Rock Collections, LEGO Collections, Baseball Card Collections, and some Drumsticks!!!! Man, these kids are busy and talented!

Another month down, 3 to go!!!

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Unknown said...

That is so lovely. How fun!

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