Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ready or Not - It's Coming

Lilana Slater from veryvintageimages.blogspot.com via Pinterest
Final preparations are underway leading up to the big Christmas Day. Are you ready? What is your role this season? Will you be the host or the hosted? Either way, we all have our To-Do lists and between baking, wrapping, cleaning, traveling (you lucky ducks), cooking, cleaning, and, well, you get the point, there may be moments of elevated blood pressure.

A couple reminders to help calm you down, because Christmas is coming whether you're ready or not:
  • Christmas is coming whether the gifts are wrapped or not - that's why they invented gift bags
  • Christmas is coming whether the cookies are baked or not - that's why they invented bakeries
  • Christmas is coming whether there are clean sheets in the guest bedroom or not - if there are issues, kindly explain to them the invention of a hotel
  • Christmas is coming whether the house is clean or not - that's why they invented Swiffer products and closets
  • Christmas is coming whether you burn the standing rib roast or not - that's why Chinese restaurants are open on Christmas Day
  • Christmas is coming whether you make one more handmade craft or not - that's why they invented Pier One Imports and World Market
  • Christmas is coming whether you move that darn Elf on a Shelf one more day or not - that's why they invented TV and video games as distractions for our children
  • Christmas is coming whether you get the good china out or not - that's why they invented paper plates printed with reindeer, Santa, and snowmen
Look beyond the perfection created in a Norman Rockwell painting and, instead, see something more meaningful than the glistening crystal goblets or a robust baked bird; see, instead, the togetherness of people surrounded by other people. Let's not lose perspective that if we are able to be surrounded by family and friends this blessed holiday season, that is the best gift of all.

Take a breath and keep it in perspective. Enjoy!

And, Happy Hanukkah to all of you celebrating this evening.

So, how are every body's preparations coming along?


    Lefty said...

    Lilly--Did you write that? Brilliant! It really gives perspective and the "permission," if you will, to stop and smell the roses, or holly or x-mas tree! :) What a great post! Thanks for brightening my day and putting a smile in my heart and more cheer to my holiday!! :)

    I am LOVD said...

    Of course I wrote it...I do all my own stuff:-) If I’m quoting somebody else to make a point, I always give proper credit. So glad you enjoyed it!

    Suzan Wood-Young said...

    We're on the same page again Lily! My sister is hosting us this year and last night on the phone I told her some of those very things...though not with as much humour and eloquence as you. :)

    Lorie said...

    Love this post!

    Thanks for stopping by Reading Confetti!

    Mrs. Pear Tree said...

    Well said! While we can and should do SOME things personalized and with great care and attention, it's absolute madness to try and do EVERYTHING perfectly and personally. And that doesn't make for a happy or perfect Christmas. Thanks for the reminder!


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