Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Last-Minute Christmas Gift Idea: Give LOVD

Yes, let's not dwell on the obvious. It's the holiday season and I still don't have my Etsy shop opened. I know, I know, but, sometimes, the burning desire of eagerness has to be cooled by wisdom. Does it make sense to open an Etsy shop and trial run the whole operation during the holidays? If I want to do this right, I'm not going to wing it during the holidays, right? (formula for failure) So, 2012 is the year the LOVD shop will debut in all its glory!

Buutttt, for those of you that are lucky locals, I just wanted to remind you the LOVD glass pendant necklaces are available at Dazzle in Chagrin Falls, click here for all the details. They've got a great selection and, if you would like to change out the rubber necklace for a metal beaded necklace (as shown), just contact me and I'll send you one for free that matches the bail.

I sure hope you take some time this holiday season and delight in the boutique wares of Dazzle in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. It's a treat for all girls, young and "antiqued".

Is your holiday shopping list completely checked off?


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to your big debut next year! Oh, the owl with the flower - that is so my daughter. Promise you'll feature it when you open your Etsy shop.

xxoo michele

Lori said...

those necklaces are gorgeous :) heading over to the shop right now!



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