Thursday, December 15, 2011

Who Needs Snow When You Can Improvise?

My wonderful hubby and son are such willing participants in the Family Advent Tree I created for this month. You have to realize, I thought of each day's activity right after Thanksgiving so an activity involving snow was a bit more risky than I had anticipated at the time, I guess? We live in the snowbelt of Northeast Ohio. We're no amateurs when it comes to dealing with the fluffy stuff and planning an activity in the middle of December involving snow seemed like a pretty safe bet.

Sledding for us is a no-brainer as we live across the street from a neighborhood sledding hill. It's a great convenience and I love its proximity. So, a couple of days ago the Advent activity read, "Today is National Cocoa Day! Grab some mugs, marshmallows, and milk after some sledding and let's make hot cocoa." Cocoa? Check. Marshmallows and milk? Check. Snow? SCREECH!!!! Umm, no! Not even an inkling of a snowflake was on the ground when we needed it most. Blame it on global warming, blame it on my luck, but sledding was not going to be happening.

Enter Super Hubby - the man with a plan. He found and flattened a huge cardboard box, laid pillows on the landing, and persuaded our son to "sled" down the stairs. Oh, yeah, this really happened. And, you know what? It actually worked! My son had a blast, Hubby showed his brilliance, once again, and I, after my last sip of cocoa, settled down for a long winter's nap.

Any improvisation stories you'd like to share?


lefty said...

And the "parents of the year" award goes to....
Mark and Lilly! Congrats! I'm sending the boys over! Too much fun!

I am LOVD said...

Excellent! I'll be sure to give you the bill when I need to buy new carpet!!

Anonymous said...

Love it! His smile says it all, Lily. We let the kids use their blankets to slide down our hardwood floor hallway - and as they are screeching with joy I'm watching them pull all the wax off the floor....but that laughter - all I can say is, repeat the sounding joy.

xoxo michele

Suzan Wood-Young said...

Love it!

Shannah @ Just Us Four said...

This is cute! My daughter loves to do this on our stairs with just her bottom...with all our leftover Christmas boxes, I may have to give her one to try.


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