Monday, July 23, 2012

Gratitude Journal Monday

Good morning, beautiful LOVD readers! Gosh, I missed you. My hope is this post finds you well. I took a two-week bloggy break and I'm honored to be back, sharing my life and thoughts, crafts and explorations, with you all. I come back, however, with a heavy heart as America is stripped of another layer of innocence with Colorado's theater shooting last week. The event is a tragic one and the hearts of America walk heavy as we just shake our heads and wonder "why?".

I don't think there are ever answers or even excuses to why such a tragedy is caused by one individual. But, this I do know for certain. On the day of the event, as the details overflowed over our television screens and into our living rooms, I know many of us lingered a little while longer on the phone with our loved ones, hugged our children a little tighter than the day before, and perhaps, were even grateful to be gifted another day to make a difference, share a laugh, or just be alive. Thanksgiving is a daily way of life and is not to be shelved in times where grace is questioned or understanding is blurred.

261. I'm grateful Americans come together in strength and support when tragedy strikes.
262. I am grateful for the courage law enforcement shows in times of uncertainty and danger.
263. I am thankful final judgement does not lay with us, on this Earth.
264. I am grateful we are given the capacity to go on after the darkest of days.
265. I am thankful to be back! Thanks for sticking around.

Happy Monday, everyone! Make this week more loving, more sweet, more gentle than the last.

My son is attending cartooning camp every day this week! What are your plans for the week?


jessica dukes said...

hello monday, and i am thankful too. nice to have found you. i am a new follower.

Ashley said...

I am so happy you are back! Thanks for always reminding us to be grateful.

P.S. I'm was going to email you about opening up your shop, but I figured I will just mention here before I forget. I do like the idea of your nesting necklace for my friend who is expecting, but I also wonder if you could do something involving generations? My best friend was very close to her grandmother, who she lost last year; she and her boyfriend have bought her grandmother's house because they couldn't bear the family losing it, and one of her little girl's names is after her. So I think it would be cool if we (i.e. you--you're the artiste! I don't know what I have in mind) could come up with something honoring that connection? If not, I do LOVE the nesting necklace idea as well. :)


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