Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Taking Care of Business

I'll take this opportunity to make a couple of bloggy announcements.
Search Button
I've added a Search Button to make things a little easier in trying to find older posts. So, now, when you're trying to find that fabulous chicken fingers recipe or instructions to that awesome melted crayon art project, you can simply type in some key words in the search box (you can leave out the superlatives), hit search, and you'll find what you're looking for. Simple, right? The search box is found in the left-hand column of the post entitled Search This Blog. I hope this makes things easier to find and re-find!

LOVD Sponsors
Obviously, I don't blog for the money. I can't dedicate the time necessary to make this into a living; I have a child and a husband running his own business, remember? But, you'll see I'll do sponsored posts every now and again. Those I pick and choose and only select if I absolutely believe in the subject (like the Teach Kids about Money post), think a post would be fun to write about the subject (like the Walgreens Summer Beauty Routine post), or think you should really know about the subject (like The Bully Project post). The point is, I'm selective and I've only chosen a smidgen of paid-post opportunities that have come my way (there was an offer from a lady's pleasure product that I ABSOLUTELY did not consider - if you're looking for that, you're at the wrong blog).

So, when Coupons By Answers approached me as a sponsor I really had to think about it because I didn't want to be that kind of blog. You know what I'm talking about. I weighed the offer heavily in my mind. Before providing an answer, I used the site myself. Every time I'd be going to the store, I'd type in the store name just to make sure there wasn't an unknown coupon out there, lingering around so I could save some cash. Their site is easy to use and very convenient. I spoke to several friends about having the link from Coupons By Answers on my site and they encouraged me to do it because they wanted the savings and easy access to the coupons. So, I decided to give sponsorship a try. Coupons By Answers is located in the left-hand column and I hope you give them a try, too! I think any loss of respect will be turned around with the savings you'll see. Let me know how you do!

Etsy Shop Opening
Really? Let's not go there today.

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