Monday, July 30, 2012

Gratitude Journal Monday

Happy Monday, to you! I hope you're starting your week with a smile. If Monday morning didn't turn out to be quite so smile-worthy, don't worry about. Force the smile and the changes in mind, body, and spirit will follow. You're body  and spirit can't deny when those smile muscles are at work so make the choice to smile, and the rest will fall into place.

266. I am grateful nature reminds us that love is all around if we just look for it.
267. I am thankful for all the inspiring athlete stories during the Olympics that encourage us all to go for it and be better, whether we're running a 100m dash, or chasing after our kids.
268. I am grateful for Super Hubby's creativity and sense of adventure as he is our family's entertainment director - what would the summer have been without his planning?
269. I am grateful for all the recognition last week's What I Made Wednesday received from other fabulous blogs like this one and this one - thanks!
270. I am thankful for another day to reach out to others through words from my heart.

Have a blessed week.

Want to begin your own Gratitude Journal? See my first entry, here.


Amanda said...

That strawberry is the sweetest! Great idea to document what you're thankful for - what a blessing!


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Suzan Wood-Young said...

Love it!


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