Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I Am Enough

Linking up with Ashley Stock from Little Miss Momma to write my "Enough" statement. I encourage you to sit a spell and write your own.

I am caring.
I try to be kind.
I aspire to judge not.
I give many chances.
I fear not being enough.
But, I am enough.
I am my son's biggest fan.
I am my husband's best friend and he is mine.
I care for and protect my family with a fierce heart.
I am a warrior of righteousness.
I am enough.
Some days I fall short.
Some days I soar to the moon.
Most days I just hover.
But, I am always enough.
I believe.
I trust.
I love.
I die to self.
My actions have purpose.
I follow my heart.
I can do hard things.
My expectations are high.
My intentions are good.
My forgiveness is constant.
My friends are few.
But it is enough.
My hands are busy.
My mind races.
My creativity is infinite.
I am blessed in knowing my true self is always enough.


Brunella said...

you are so beautiful.
Tu sei bella.

Ashley said...

You are so lovely!


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