Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Root of All Purpose

If you have never struggled with realizing your purpose in this life, then STOP READING THIS. Let's just call it a day, OK? I'll see you tomorrow for What I Made Wednesday. Oh, and congratulations on figuring it out. If you'd like to dispense some wisdom to the rest of us, then please leave some advice in the Comments section for us wanderers still trying to figure it all out. Hasta Ma├▒ana!

Now, for the rest of us: the ones that continue to search, seek, and ponder the questions, "Why am I here?" and "What is my purpose?" Since ancient times people have always been the same in their desires to knowing the secrets of the Universe. But what if the revelation is simple, not complex, easy, not hard. What if the answer lies in just 4 little letters? L-O-V-E.

On a recent shop-therapy session, this plaque caught my eye. I stood under the fluorescent lights of Marshalls and read every single phrase over and over again. Without exception, each and every nugget was exactly what I believed in and how I lived. I wouldn't have added or deleted a thing! I couldn't put it down so it permanently attached itself to my fingers as it hitched a ride up to the cash register and has since found a home in my laundry and craft room.

Today, I re-read all the phrases and I noticed something rather significant. The word "love" shows up a total of 6 times on this little plaque. I don't think this is a coincidence. There must be something to this, right? Even in the Bible, the first fruit of the Spirit is love. So, can the answer to one's purpose be rooted in love? Can we Cliffs-Notes the meaning to life into the simple phrase "To Love and be loved"? Yes, I think we can. And, if we follow this 2-bullet to-do list, everything may fall into place quite nicely. If our actions are performed out of love and we accept and welcome love from others, this may be the only purpose we are responsible in achieving. Love teaches us. Love can lead us to our passions, and can open our eyes to ways in which we can leave our mark in this world. 

But it starts with you. In order to give love, you must first come from a place of love. You must first love yourself; not in a conceited-kind of way, but in a way that gives respect to yourself, making sure you give yourself what you need, whether it's time, space, or a new pair of shoes on occasion. The way you love yourself is the way you will love others. Remember that the next time you feel guilty for taking that bubble bath or forgoing laundry chores for some coffee time with girlfriends.

Be good to yourself, dear reader, and the world will be good to you beause you are, in turn, good to others. "To love and be loved." Yes, it is that simple.



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Lilly, today I had breakfast at Panera with 7 of my girlhood friends and at the age of 72, that's quite an accomplishment! We get together every month to laugh, confide, and encourage each other. It's one of our favorite times!
Keep your friends close!
Love, P.


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