Friday, March 8, 2013

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 85.

Goodbye Cleveland Auto Show; Kiddo has his eye on the Chevy Spark (in that lime green color) when he turns 16 years old in only 5 years - YIKES!

Goodbye taking an exciting ride on the indoor ferris wheel at the I-X Center; part of it is above the roof line and you can see downtown Cleveland.

Goodbye starting a new series, Elements of Happiness, and enjoying the exploration of this mysterious emotion that we hold so dear and work so hard to achieve.

Goodbye Kiddo kicking off a Month of Musicals reviews on his own blog; it's going to be a super fun month around here!

Goodbye seeing another couple of pounds disappear after introducing exercise back into my life and anticipating Spring when I can be outside just walking and riding my bike, without having a workout seem like such work.

Hello celebrating International Women's Day - cheers to the double X chromosome.
Hello supporting Kiddo in his latest film project; this one's a contest so his school can win some cash so best of luck to his production!
Hello spending some time with a great family friend who escaped his Winter home in Florida for a few days to have brunch with us, because he missed us (we missed him, too).
Hello enjoying lunch with some great gal pals at the Burntwood Tavern, relaxing, sharing, and catching-up.
Hello Daylight Savings so not ready and lamenting the hour we'll be losing but enjoying the extra daylight and sunshine as it continues to get longer, and longer, and longer (ah, summer's on the horizon).

The Lesson Learned for this week: no matter how "cute" you think it is, if you're going to have an evening out with your son, just the two of you, DON'T call it a "date night". If they are in the pre-teen years, they will NOT appreciate your little label of affection and pretty much do everything opposite of typical actions on purpose. Last Friday night Kiddo and I went to dinner and the Middle School's Musical of Grease. Every time we got out of the car he walked 10 feet behind me or in front of me. After the play (by the way, this school has some outstanding talent), it was snowing pretty hard and I asked Kiddo if we could walk arm in arm to the car since I was wearing heels and was afraid I'd end up on my tush. He said, under normal circumstances he would accommodate my request but since I called it a "date night" he was not going to give me the satisfaction. Hmmph, can't wait for the teen years!


I am LOVD said...

Sorry for the quality of the Grease photos. We were way in the back an it was no-flash photography.

I am LOVD said...


Anonymous said...

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Suzan Wood-Young said...

Awww, your baby is growing up! It sounds like you have a great relationship so I'm sure he'll be back in the form of a loving and protective young man before you know it.

I am LOVD said...

Thanks for the positive sentiment, Suzan.


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