Friday, April 19, 2013

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 91.

There was art...
Goodbye first lawn mowing of the year.
Goodbye gorgeous blooms of Forsythia all around town that are unaware of how grim the world was this past week.
Goodbye enjoying an Evening of Art and Music at the school - talented kids.
Goodbye house blessing.
Goodbye celebrating my birthday with family and friends and feeling very blessed.
There was music.

Hello fun birthday party for one of Kiddo's friends.
Hello baseball tryouts for summer league - keep your eye on the ball, Kiddo.
Hello enjoying The Bible mini-series on DVD - awesome birthday gift, Super Hubby!
Hello math-project focus - lots of numbers will be flying around Kiddo's head.
Hello enjoying some home cooking all weekend as my stomach recovers from eating out during my birthday celebrations all week.

Yes, I wanted a water bottle for my birthday!

My lesson learned this week is my unknowing appreciation for social media. I'm not a Facebook fan, I'll admit. I share with friends in person over a cup of coffee, not via fiber optics. I comment face-to-face, not by typing at a keyboard. And if I like something, I prefer telling you personally, not just clicking a thumbs-up icon. But, even I have been known to over judge a time or two. Take this week for instance: my birthday. When I created my Facebook account I purposefully left out my birth date. I wanted to make sure only my "true" friends would know the day. Well, one of my Facebook friends did remember all on her own and wished me a happy birthday by leaving me a comment. To my surprise, other Facebook friends got word and started sending me well wishes, too! I hate to admit it but, it was nice and I liked it. I guess I better go update my Profile to add birthday. Thank you, friends!


I am LOVD said...

Yes, those are bottle caps! Yes, that's a clay mask, glass fusion tile, and a Georgia O'Keefe inspired painting, all created by Kiddo!

I am LOVD said...

This is what Kiddo wrote about art if you can't see it:
"Art is beautiful. I love working with cool colors, it makes me feel calm. I love the way my paint brush slides across the paper. I learned about Georgia O'Keefe and was 'suprised' she liked drawing skulls."


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