Monday, April 15, 2013

Gratitude Journal Monday

Good morning, beautiful LOVD readers. Thank you for joining me today for another Gratitude Journal Monday, where I share my heart and release some thanks into the Universe. Making these weekly declarations have truly helped me keep things real in my life. I know it sounds self-centered and ungrateful, but sometimes I get so bogged down into my own life's issues that the true blessings that surround me get blurred into the tapestry. I begin to take for granted the importance of each single little thread that makes the bigger picture. Each thread should be appreciated because it makes the piece of artwork whole and complete, just like your life. It's time for me to start recognizing some of those individual threads. Are you with me? Declare some gratitude today to begin your beautiful masterpiece.

446. I am grateful for  being blessed with such an awesome family; thanks for being so cool Super Hubby and Kiddo!
447. I am grateful the blessings of good health have found their way into our lives at the moment.
448. I am grateful we all worked together and kicked it into high gear to clean the house for the priest's home blessing today.
449. I am grateful for my parents' love and constantly giving hearts.
450. I am grateful for the stage in life I am currently enjoying and savoring for all its worth.

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