Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Best Investment You'll Ever Make

We spend so much time trying to figure things out. We take Myers Briggs tests to tell us our personality. We take career aptitude tests when we're in the 6th grade to get results that reveal we would be good models or morticians. Really? Do I need to fill-out a bubble sheet to reveal my strengths and weaknesses? Does who I am and what I love come from a test rubric? Do I even want it to?

What we need is to pay attention to where we make investments in ourselves. Where do we spend our time? Take out the complexity: do lots of things, then pay attention to what you loved doing the most. Can you remember doing something where time just stood still and where you just couldn't wait to do it again? That's where you make the investment. That's where your life resides. Are you living there, yet? When do you plan on making the investment? Your dividends await! 

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