Monday, April 8, 2013

Gratitude Journal Monday

PLAY BALL! It's opening day in our town: the home opener! The first pitch is less than 7 hours away. The city is electric with excitement. And whether you're in Cleveland, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, or St. Louis, it's always the same; that feeling of optimism and hope, that anything is possible. It's anybody's title to win. Sure, sports experts analyze, speculate, and determine champions based on the numbers far before any bats have been swung, but, it's baseball. Sometimes, the numbers don't tell you a thing because spirit can't be measured and determination can't be weighed.

Maybe, perhaps, that's how gratitude works? Every time you step up to the plate to declare a thanks, the slate is wiped clean for you to declare some more the next time you're up at bat. When you start a Gratitude Journal, it, too, is anybody's game. But, at least your chances sway in your favor of a win. Be the champion of your life.

What I love about Opening Day is all the world's trials and tribulations are set aside at least for one day. The plunging unemployment numbers don't get mentioned, the Nuclear Korean crisis gets blurred behind larger-than-life team mascots at the ballpark, and who wouldn't want to drown their sorrows in a tub of nacho cheese sauce? It's nice to escape with America's favorite pasttime. Go Tribe!

441. I am grateful for Opening Day because it means the boys are back in town and the city is alive with excitement again.

442. I am grateful because Opening Day means summer is just around the corner!

443. I am thankful for a promising starting line-up this year - there's hope.

444. I am grateful to live in a city with a baseball team; I think I take that for granted?

445. I am thankful the Cleveland Indians ballpark invited our school's Glee Club back to sing the National Anthem in May - fun times ahead!

Happy Week!    

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