Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finding Inspiration

I started this blog with intentions to write a daily post, Monday through Friday, and I don't plan on changing that strategy any time soon. I want my readers to come to this blog with confidence in finding a new post every weekday and getting something out of my words whether that's inspiration, creativity, or comfort. Many of you have told me this little blog has become a habit for some of you, a part of your daily routine, and I really like that so I'll try my best not to disappoint. If I ever do miss a day, rest assured either I or my computer have contracted a fierce virus (not likely, though, for my MacBook, but I don't have that kind of immunity).

So many people wonder how in the world I am able to write every day during the week. How can I come up with so many post ideas? Well, it's really been easy so far (talk to me in a year). I'm a very observant person. I'm also a thinker, over analyzing the mundane to death. And I have opinions; lots and lots of opinions. I like to share my little views of the world and hope my positive words are powerful enough to lift someone's spirits. Inspiration is everywhere if you just take the time to look and notice.

Here are some places where I find the most inspiration for many of my posts:

The Bible
Pinterest, of course
Other blogs
My own experiences
Anthropologie (can't afford one piece of clothing there, but the inspiration is FREE!)

Where do you find your inspiration? What is your creative catalyst?


Mrs. Pear Tree said...

My sources of inspiration very closely match yours! Just a couple more I'll add: Etsy, Facebook (when I was on it), and my kids! I don't check in as regularly as some (I tend to read my blogs in bursts) but I always enjoy your posts!

The Cheese Thief said...

I know what you mean about anthropologie. I can't afford anything their either. I can recreate most some of their stuff for a fraction of the cost!

I love all the pictures, they give me some inspiration!

Ashley Luster said...

I am always inspired by a visit to Anthopologie... And of course that wonderful world of Pinterest!!!


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