Thursday, December 8, 2011

Friends: Quality not Quantity

1. Lunches.
2. Craft projects.
3. Sharing our lives and life's lessons.
4. Exploring new shops.
5. Bouncing ideas off each other.
6. Supporting one another.
7. Celebrating birthdays.
8. Being real with no pretense.
9. Growing together.
10. Sharing a laugh (and sometimes a tear) together.

I may not have tons, but the friends I do have are worth their weight in gold in my heart. I love you all and appreciate our beautiful friendship. I just wanted you to know.


Trish said...

hi lily :) cute wreaths below! we don't have those spikies around our area :(
thanks for visiting my blog. yes i do make all the boxes myself.

Suzan Wood-Young said...

Best top 10 list this year. :)

Lisa @ Tales of a Young Housewife said...

Fabulous list! :)

The Cheese Thief said...

Reminds me of something someone once asked me "Would you rather be well known or known well?" I choose the latter.

Anonymous said...

Complete ditto for me - and of course I would add reading books together and then discussing them. It is absolute joy for me to live in a community of readers. We stop over at one another's homes in-between book club and talk characters and ideas and well, I just can't imagine not having it. What are you reading right now? I would love to follow along and then discuss!

xoxo michele

I am LOVD said...

OK, don't laugh. You've followed my blog long enough to know I can't get off top-dead center on opening my Etsy shop so right now I'm reading Starting an Etsy Business for Dummies. But I'm also reading (I think I may have gotten this book idea from you) The Best of Charles Spurgeon.

Anonymous said...

I'm not laughing - I read the Dummies books for blogging and twitter (a lot of good it did me - I haven't had time to tweet in over a month)...and I love me some Charles Spurgeon - his daily devotional, Look Unto Me, is my go-to every year for the past 3 years. You would think I'd be bored reading the same devotional - but it is like new each time.

Looking forward to your Etsy opening!

xoxo michele


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