Friday, December 9, 2011

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 24.

 Goodbye realization that I may be the only parent at school without a SmartPhone.
Goodbye helping a friend finish the last details of a craft project I cannot wait to share with you.
Goodbye best babysitter on the planet. My son loves you so much he recommended hubby and I schedule a date night every two weeks (ha,ha,ha).
Goodbye Michael Buble Christmas special that I sadly missed - boo hoo.
Goodbye fascinating talk on a little history of Cleveland's who's-who with storyteller Dan Ruminski.

Hello last of the gift purchases, but made from the comfort of my home thanks to Amazon.
Hello finishing up the Christmas cards and sending our joys and blessings of the season.
Hello perusing my old stash of Bon Appetit magazines for Christmas dinner inspiration.
Hello rest and spending time reconnecting with the family after a long, exhausting week.
Hello new followers (LOVD Friends button to the right). I'm so glad you could make it and welcome!

This week I learned you have to recognize opportunity. Then, when you recognize it, you have to DO something to make it into something bigger. But, you don't come charging at it. You don't grab at opportunity like kids grab for candy under a newly busted pinata, no. You have to approach opportunity delicately, cradling it gently in your hands and humbly taking that first step to where opportunity leads you; and always being grateful for the blessing in the chance that has been given.


Anonymous said...

How I wish we lived closer! I don't have a smartphone either (I don't have any kind of cell phone). Mr. Smoochie Buble - you can find his Christmas CD and others at the library - totally dreamy! And I also do my shopping on Amazon - love it! I wasn't going to do Christmas cards this year - but you are inspiring me.

so sweet about your babysitter.

xoxo michele

Anonymous said...

Lilly and Michele. You have another chance. It's on again tonight 12/21 at 9 eastern.

The TV Fairy


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