Friday, December 16, 2011

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 25.

Our family tradition: an ornament representing the year. My son started trumpet, a new school, and earned his black belt in Taekwondo.
Goodbye last week of school in 2011: so proud of my son's ability to adapt to new-everything.
Goodbye turning my kitchen into a candy-making factory preparing my husband's client gifts, our homemade toffee and some batches of the Best-Ever Caramel Corn for people we so appreciate.
Goodbye sticky kitchen floor collecting sugar dust and fallen sweetness.
Goodbye letting go of chores to instead share a breakfast with new friends.
Goodbye pop out of son's loose tooth while on a shopping trip to Target, right in the seasonal gift wrap aisle.

Hello life veering to the slow lane, at least for two whole glorious weeks.
Hello playtime all the time.
Hello soaking in every preciously made memory this holiday season and basking in all its goodness.
Hello finishing up the last of Christmas To-Do's.
Hello recognizing the blessings in our lives and thanking the right One for it all.

The lesson learned this week is the importance of family traditions, especially during the holiday season. It's where we find our comfort, it's what makes the holidays our own, it's the memories we pass along from generation to generation. You can almost hear Tevye bellowing the words of his famous song "Tradition" in his barn from Fiddler on the Roof. Yes, tradition defines our holidays and gives us our game plan. I wouldn't have it any other way (for the sake of tradition, of course).

What's your most favorite family, holiday tradition?


Brunella said...

Oh beautiful tradition Lily and beautiful family!

between 11 pm and midnight sets the table for three people (Jesus, Joseph and Mary) with fruit, nuts, dates.
The service of dishes and cutlery nicer, glasses and napkins into the pot.
The bread in the middle of the table and lots of flowers, the fireplace.
The traditional legend is that of offering their homes to the Holy Family.
This is a rural tradition in my family but also other neighboring families practiced this rite.
I remember as a child I would get up in the middle of the night to see if they had really had enough food.
(My grandmother knew of my investigation, he got up first and broke the bread crumbs left in the dishes so do not be disappointed)
The night was burning the Yule log with a slip of paper inside and wishes for the new year.
For the new year broke the old things, covenants chipped, broken glasses means, so that the noise (such as fireworks) scare the bad luck.
Grazie mille Lily

I am LOVD said...

Oh, Brunella, thank you so much for sharing some great Italian traditions. I wish I could be in Italy right now and give you a big hug! Thanks so much for all your love and support. All the best this beautiful holiday season.

Betty Sneeringer said...

I applaud you, a young lady, already with life in such good perspective!!!
I haven't received the card yet, maybe today.

Unknown said...

stopping by to say hello! Here are some of our Christmas traditions!

Have a great weekend and very blessed Christmas week!

Lefty said...

That is the COOLEST x-mas ornanment that shows the years happening! Very Creative!

We have a few x-mas traditions:
Running down the stairs to put up the ornament on the advent calendar each day...A fight each AM, just as it was with my brothers growing up! Viewing lights around town and at Nela Park while drinking hot cocoa, watching x-mas TV specials with real popcorn with real butter melted on it, and a breakfast with the grandparents (now my kid's great grandparents) with a visit from Santa and all! My favorite though is the handprint ornament I have made each year with my kids since they were born. Amazing to see the progression through the years!

Betty Sneeringer said...

Hello again. Your pretty card came today. Thank you for being my new thoughtful friend! I always read, enjoy and gain from your posts.

Pam said...

Hi Lilly,

I love the trumpet ornament! What a great idea! BTW....Happy Break!!!! You are so lucky! :)


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