Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Everyday Makes a Life

 1. Waking up my son for school
2. Home cooking
3. The smell of fresh laundry
4. The way my kitchen's wood floor feels underfoot
5. Talking to my mom on the phone
6. The sound of the garage door opening when Super Hubby gets home
7. The silence of the house when I'm the only one home
8. The way the morning sun floods the kitchen
9. Getting mail
10. Writing

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Don't discount the mundane, the routine, the comfortable because it's in the everyday that makes a life. Sure celebrations and events worthy of fireworks and brass-band parades are fun and memorable, but even if you lived at Disney World, could you take one more breakfast with Cinderella in the castle day in, day out? So, because our lives are not led by daily roller coaster thrill rides, it's important to cherish the little things we do everyday and discover the joys of daily living, even if it's the simple luxury of having our coffee with extra cream.

Happy May Day!


Carmella said...

I just love this! I tend to get caught up in waiting on the exciting things coming up that I forget to fully appreciate at the little day to day joys..... Sunlight flooding in through a window, hearing my kiddos singing to themselves when they think no one is listening, the quiet in the evening once everyone it tucked in....you have a sweet way of reminding me if the sweet simple things in life, thank you!

I am LOVD said...

Carmella, thanks so much for your comment! And you reminded me, if I added an 11th, it would certainly be my son’s constant singing!


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