Friday, May 11, 2012

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 46.

Goodbye working into the wee hours of the morning with birthday party prep.
Goodbye holding true to my commitments and my word despite the busyness.
Goodbye celebrating a decade of awesomeness on my son's 10th birthday.
Goodbye burgers and ice cream with my son's longest, bestest friend.
Goodbye spending that day exactly how my son intended and pulling it off flawlessly.

Hello sharing Harry Potter and Hogwarts with friends in a special way.
Hello Sorting Hat Ceremony, Quidditch, Diagon Alley, Honeydukes, and more.
Hello promise of perfect weather.
Hello magical 10th birthday party that is just so appreciated.
Hello honoring mom on Mother's Day.

Many of our friends and family know us to be very self-sufficient. If we're having a dinner party, we never ask any of our guests to bring something. We don't want to put any one out and they also know we're sticklers for the perfect menu (don't mess with our well-planned menu, dude). But, our friends are kind and polite so, when invited to a get-together at our home, they usually say the obligatory cadence, "Do you need any help? Can I bring anything?" Of course, they know we'll respond with, "Just bring yourselves. No, we've got it all under control, but thanks for the offer." Well, this week's lesson is bittersweet because this time around, I tested that theory on some friends, not out of entertainment, but out of real necessity. See, we really needed some people to help us out with something and we waited for their obligatory offer of asking if they could help. When it came, our response was, "Yes, we'd love your help and could really use it this time around and here's how." Crickets...many ran for the hills. People are busy, right? Thanks to everyone that did step up and really helped us out. We so appreciate it and cannot thank you enough.

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Brunella said...

happy day, happy mother's day.
Tanti auguri Lilly, un grande grande abbraccio dall'Italia.
(when my book publish i put into your name, I thank you for this time spend with you and your family and dreams. All heart's dream.


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