Thursday, May 24, 2012

Going Local: Stoney Hollow Stables

Isn't Shannon so pretty?
I normally make it a rule to not get involved with animals bigger, stronger, or faster than I am. Animals sense my fear. They know the scent of fresh meat and can't wait to prove how wrong the man-over-beast rule really is in their eyes.

So, when a new, sweet friend of mine suggested we go horseback riding, I hesitated to show my pure fear and opted, instead, for enthusiasm. After all, it's good to try new things and all that jazz, right? My friend is an experienced rider, although she'd never take the claim (too modest). The fact is, I've never ridden a horse and she has so I grant her the title of "experienced".

Another friend came, as well, so the three of us loaded up in the Suburban and headed out to Stoney Hollow Stables in Newbury, Ohio. It was a perfect sunny day and anticipating what I was about to do seemed so DALLAS to me, I wish I had brought my cowboy hat so I could have played the part better. Wait! I don't own one.

We got to the stables and met Amy, the owner of Stoney Hollow Stables. She's so great! Her knowledge of horses is amazing and her knack for teaching and instruction is respected and appreciated. Amy really helps newbies feel at ease. You can immediately see the love she has for her horses and, in some way, you want to share that love for the beast, too.
This girl's riding in style today!
My horses name is Shannon and she is so pretty. We started the lesson, very wisely, getting to know one another (Shannon and me, not Amy). Shannon got pampered by all my grooming activity. Brush after brush, comb after comb, Shannon and I bonded. She was so cooperative, lifting each leg in proper position so I could clean the mud out of her feet. I sprayed conditioner in her hair that smelled like a high-end NY salon brand. Shannon stood patiently and just took it all in. I don't think it's wishful thinking, but I think she really liked me!

After grooming and bonding, I tacked Shannon with an English, not Western, saddle. (Look at me with the lingo!) We got to the arena, with a little more confidence in my heart, and I mounted. Like learning to drive, I got used to controlling left and right, stops and starts, turns and turn-arounds.

I was feeling good, then Amy stepped it up a notch. She seems like the type to challenge the student, darn Amy, good teachers are like that. I'll spare the details for my non-horseback riding readers, but I learned how to post (OK, maybe only for 3 seconds, but still)! If you know what posting is you'd be impressed, trust me. No, posting has nothing to do with Facebook in this case. The lesson ended with no broken limbs.
Something is wrong here; Shannon is a much bigger horse in person, seriously!
This experience was so much fun and I'm so glad my fear didn't win out over the chance to try something new and different. If you're in the area, I hope you consider an Intro lesson at Stoney Hollow Stables. And, the soreness might be a myth because it wasn't too bad the next day - it is exercise, you know!

Amy is offering a great deal for a 2-3 hour Intro lesson like the one I experienced for only $20.

If you get a chance, go "Like" them on Facebook to show your support and see all the beautiful horses!

Stoney Hollow Stables
14549 Sperry Road
Newbury, OH 44065

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