Friday, May 18, 2012

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 47.

Goodbye neglected laundry, piled knee-high, all finally folded and put-away; don't ask me about the ironing.
Goodbye constant clean-up of the best party we ever pulled off.
Goodbye multiple snooze alarm hits as recovery is still going on.
Goodbye delicious homemade meal; with all the party prep, we haven't seen you in awhile.
Goodbye school field day, not making a great showing, but admiring my son's quote: "Whether I came in last or first, who cares because I had so much fun!"

I'll spare you the finish line photo.

Hello dusting off the winter cobwebs from the gardening tools and getting dirty.
Hello pulling weeds from the beds that I swear are results of germination not yet classified in the botanical world.
Hello temperatures in the 80's and longing for those dog-days of summer.
Hello reading the tower of books I've collected from the library and finishing up at least one of them.
Hello 15-year wedding anniversary and celebrating in a quiet way.

This week's lesson learned is 15 years in the making. Super Hubby and I have enjoyed wedded bliss (and challenge, at times) for 15 years today and we've known each other for 21 years. I've known this man for over half my life! We've grown our perspectives over the years, we've changed our initiatives, and we've fumbled our way into making a life together. TOGETHER. Some times were great, other times were hard, but in between both ends of the emotional spectrum, times were never bad because we had each other. How lucky are we? We went through it together and together we will go through some more times where tears will flow over sadness and joy, confusion and clarity, frustration and cooperation. 15 years ago today, the priest that married us shared a message and today I share it with you. "In marriage, from now on, your happiness will be doubled and your sorrows will be halved." Thank you, Super Hubby, for being the man with whom I want to share it all.

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