Monday, May 7, 2012

Gratitude Journal Monday

When I first began my Gratitude Journal, click here, I suddenly became aware that it's not just the big things you'd normally find in any gratitude journal, like life, my family, nature, but also the little things, like the smell of the air after a spring rain, that make it onto the page (or in my case, the screen). I also found myself dedicating gratitude to things that may seem a bit trite, but really make life easier, like a washing machine and dishwasher. The point is, it's MY gratitude journal and I let my heart lead it every Monday, no matter what thankfulness surfaces. Because, you don't have to be philosophical like Confucius, or an eloquent writer like Thoreau, or a deep, spiritual being like Dalai Lama; you just have to be YOU! And, if that means simply being grateful you opened your eyes this morning to live another day or that you own a fabulous pair of Jimmy Choo* shoes that make your ankles look smaller, it's in the action of giving thanks that's most important.

*Note: No, I do not own a pair.

216. I am grateful when Super Hubby has early morning appointments and takes over the a.m. school car-pooling responsibility.
217. I am grateful for clear mascara because I don't have raccoon-eyes by the end of the day.
218. I am thankful for Claritin-D because it's the only thing that has kept me going, despite my nasty cold.
219. I am grateful for the beautiful weekend we just had filled with sunshine and memorable experiences.
220. I am thankful for this Gratitude Journal and all the peace, joy, and blessings it has given me in my life.

Your turn!

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