Friday, July 27, 2012

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 55.

I'm glad I remembered to take a picture before we ate the whole thing.
Goodbye proving to my son there really is a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Pie at Baker's Square.
Goodbye cartooning camp and all the new friends my son made during the week.
This guy is rare!
Goodbye getting help from the LEGO Store staff in finding the Scottsman Bagpiper LEGO guy in the surprise packs - woo-hoo! 
Goodbye to my son having been awarded the Championship game ball for his awesome TRIPLE hit.
Goodbye to another dry week as our grass continues to turn a lighter shade of hay; but it has been nice taking "mow lawn" off the list of to-do's during this summer of drought.

Hello exploring new revenue paths for something I have shelved for a long time.
Hello taking delight into subtle, little signs that continue to remind me I am on the right path.
Hello to taking some time to write my son's annual letter as I reflect on his year of tremendous growth.
Hello making sure everyone's well-fed this weekend with some home-cooked meals.
Hello to cheering on Team USA during the London Olympics 2012!

Written in the Jones Root Beer bottle cap.
The lesson I learned this week hit me hard. You know, like when you truly have this light-bulb moment and all the fuzziness becomes crystal clear with a flip of a lens. My clarity came when the word "breakthrough" popped into my mind. My brain broke down the word and it finally made sense.Think back to an idea you may have had - a brilliant idea. You were excited to work out all the details in your mind, you told people about it and they were just as excited as you. Your idea was gaining momentum during the fun, planning phase and people were supporting your endeavor because it was exciting to discuss the possibilities and dream big.
Then comes the hard work, the effort, to make your words and ideas into a reality. Depending on the type of person you are, you may love this phase of the dream. I know I do. I love busying myself with working out all the details to make this idea happen. It's all set. You've got it all ready to go. Then you hit the next phase: you hope for a breakthrough. But, before you have your breakthrough, you will have to break but you must go through to the other side to finally find success. No one ever tells you how long this break process is but it always seems like it's way too long.

I think somebody's trying to tell me something.
You wait, and you wait, and you try to make opportunity happen but it just doesn't come. And with all your effort, nothing happens. So you fly around in this holding pattern, learning patience, testing faith, questioning your crazy idea, and almost breaking as you hear crickets in the middle of your field of dreams. People are still there to support you, but the excitement has died down, and all you have for motivation is yourself. This is the "break" part of "breakthrough". You will get discouraged and you'll think to yourself, "It will never happen", but it will. Oh, yes, it will because you have to keep plugging along. If you don't you'll never get "through" this part to see your true "breakthrough".

And once you go through the test, you will be grateful for the breaking part because your dream has grown stronger, not because it is fed by excitement and accolades, but because it is fed by perseverance and determination to never give up, to go through the breaking period.

I think I'm on the verge of my breakthrough, I just need to keep going through.

My hope is you make it through the breaking part and see your breakthrough, too, in what ever dream you are working towards making into a reality.

 Happy weekend, LOVD friends.

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Unknown said...

What an awesome post! I can soooo relate. I'm in the phase where the excitement is dying down a bit and I'm having to take a look at why I started in the first place and rediscover the love. Thank you so much for this sweet reminder that there is a light at the end of this long tunnel!
That pie look so good by the way!


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