Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Featured Blog: Jack's Reel Reviews

There are so many wonderful bloggers out there and I would love to introduce LOVD readers to some of the best ones I know. Periodically, I'll feature one of these dedicated bloggers so you can get to know them a little better.

Awhile ago, I helped you get to know me a little better with a post I wrote called A-B-C: Get to Know Me. It was fun and I plan on using that template for other bloggers to answer. If you'd like to participate and have your blog featured, please e-mail me (info found in Blogger Profile, to the left).

LOVD's Featured Blog

Classic movies are a dying obsession, especially for kids. The bigger the blockbuster, the more popular the film, these days. But there is one kid that I know that still respects the Classics and that's Jack from Jack's Reel Reviews. And, you know, he's smart to do so if he wants to be a film director one day. You can learn a lot from Buster Keaton or Alfred Hitchcock if you're a budding film maker, or just a fan of film, in general. Check out Jack's cool blog where he reviews the Classic films he thinks deserves the attention from kids, no matter how old the film.

Here's Jack's answers to A-B-C: Get to Know Me

Animal: jaguar
Book: The Lord of the Rings
Color: green
Diet: don't have one
Exercise: biking
Food: lobster
God: the One and only
Height: I don't know
Indulgence: I don't know what that means
Job: school
Kindred Spirit: Mr. Peanut
Love: I don't know what that means
Marriage: Haven't married
Number: 12
Off-spring: I don't have an off-spring
Parent: Parents, I don't have a favorite
Quirks: I don't know
Restaurant: Red Lobster
Style: What?
Tunes: Tonight, We Are Young, Driveby, Hotel California, Can't Buy Me Love ...
Uplifts: Huh?
Vacation: Disney World
Weight: like 78 pounds
X-factor: What's that?
Years: 10
Zodiac: Taurus

Thanks, so much, Jack, for your honesty and pureness. Don't forget to check out his blog, Jack's Reel Reviews and leave some love; he loves comments. You could be following the next George Lucas, Ron Howard, Peter Jackson...

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