Friday, August 31, 2012

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 60.

We found this in our neighbor's yard when we got home last night. All we can say is, it's not over, yet!

Goodbye Parents' Night at the school and wishing I was a 5th grader again - so much fun in store!
Goodbye fulfilling my first duty as Room Mom and getting lots and lots of volunteers signed up for all we have planned for the year - thank you, parents!
Goodbye saying farewell to a wonderful family-friend that made a difference in the world with his good humor and positiveness; you'll be missed Ronnie.
Goodbye feeling the affects of a busy, jam-packed week and praising a 3-day weekend.
Goodbye battling the neighbors in 4-square and reminding them the end-all-be-all champion is yet to be determined - GAME ON-BRING IT!

We found this on our door 2-days ago. My son responded with the red writing and hung it back on their door. Bring it on, neighbors! We will prevail as the Ultimate 4-Square Champions!

Hello to a very welcomed 3-day weekend and using it to recharge.
Hello christening a newly-bought tractor at our friends' farm - let the grape-picking begin.
Hello hearing rumble and thunder as F-18's fly overhead for Cleveland's National Air Show.
Hello hoping Isaac's wrath and after-rain doesn't linger too long to spoil a holiday weekend.
Hello investing time to learn how to play chess better; my 10-year old beats me every time.

It was a mega-busy week and yesterday was the busiest day, yet. We left the house at 7:30 AM and didn't return until almost 10:00 PM. Between the funeral, luncheon, school, work, dinner, and parents' night, I was exhausted by the end of the day. Did I mention I was dressed up and in heels all day? At the cemetery, the heat from the sun was intense. I could feel my exposed toes from my open-toed shoes just burning up, that's how intense the sun was. Deodorant was working over time and by the time I had to fulfill my duty as Room Mom at Parents' Night, I knew I was not going to be smelling like roses. So, the lesson I learned this week is, when you need to refresh your look and your smell, you've got to use the resources before you. If you can't head home, head to the mall! To make me smell a little better, I headed to Anthropologie, picked a fave fragrance, and went to town with the tester bottle. I sprayed it everywhere and practically used up the whole sample, but I was desperate. Next, make-up re-touch. I don't carry make up with me so I needed help after initial application at 7:00 AM. Not to mention I bawled my eyes out at the funeral. I looked like a hot mess, but not after I visited Bare Escentuals in the mall. I went in there and asked to sample their powder and, voila!, refreshed. The best part, they'll actually give you a tiny sample to take home with you - bonus. After some additional touches at various makeup counters, I looked presentable. Make-up counter people are so willing to work on your face. I think it takes the boredom out of their day, so I was happy to give them something to do. Finally, I went to the store's bathroom, flipped my head upside down and ran my fingers through my gnarled hair like a brush. After a flip back to upright position, my hair was good enough to be seen. So, ladies, when desperate, head to the mall. It's like the Red Cross for beauty emergencies and it didn't cost a dime.

Have a safe and restful Labor Day Weekend.

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