Thursday, August 2, 2012

Motherhood Should Be an Olympic Sport

Has the Olympic bug bit you, yet? It's the only prime time television we've been watching at our house, catching the news at 12:00 AM, and yawning our way through the next day. Those athletes are amazing to watch and their back-stories are even more inspiring. Dedication, sacrifice, hard work, determination, and leadership: sounds a little bit like motherhood, no?

Requires no explanation because there is no end to what a mama will do for her family.

How many of us forgo sleep, adult conversation, careers, pampering, basic grooming, for the ones we love so much?

Hard Work
The work is hard, the rewards are infinite. The sweat and tears are all worth it because the joys are immeasurable and undefinable.

Every day starts a new day to mold and shape a future citizen of the world that is good, productive, independent and respectful. There will never be a more important job for the world's future.

We are our family brood's role model. Being watched 24/7 by young eyes is a lot of pressure. Preparing tomorrow's rainmakers is only successful if we make the rain ourselves, first.

To every mother out there that relates to the Olympic athlete, congratulations! You just won a gold medal in Motherhood. (Hear the National Anthem playing in the background just for you?)

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I am LOVD said...

Hey, guys, Fatherhood Olympics could be substituted. Let's just call it Parenthood Olympics.

Shannon Q. said...

What a fun perspective. Enjoyed this post. Thanks!

Suzan Wood-Young said...

Been away from the Internet for a while, but I'm enjoying catching up. Excellent post!


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