Monday, August 27, 2012

Gratitude Journal Monday

Can you find the heart?
An attitude of gratitude, to me, is the realization and acceptance that all I have, right now in this moment, is all I need. Some days, I struggle to be OK with that statement. There's this tiny little monster inside nudging me to have more, to be more, to do more. Shut-up, tiny little monster! But, some days, it just screams at me and won't go away until I lay my head on my pillow, wishing away the little monster by morning.

Does being grateful for what you already have mean you won't get any more than that? I think it's just the opposite. If you drive a beater-car, you should be grateful to still have your own transportation, yes. But, does it mean you're not pining away for a better car that doesn't smell like an ashtray (the previous owners' gift to you)? Here's what I think about gratitude. Unless you ARE grateful for the beater-car, you'll never get the better car. Unless you ARE grateful for your current humble abode, you'll never get that bigger home. It's that simple. Pine away at bigger and better, but don't make it your obsession and remind yourself even if you never see those dreams come to fruition, you were grateful everyday for what you DID have.

286. I am grateful for the basics: clean water, shelter, food, clothing.
287. I am grateful we are told by Him to not be troubled, and I am not.
288. I am thankful we are a strong, close-knit family.
289. I appreciate the kindness of others; it seems to come when I need it the most.
290. I am grateful for keeping dreams alive, no matter how old we get.

Do you have a gratitude journal? What would be your first declaration if you started one? Here was mine, click here.

Happy Monday!


JT said...

I agree with you about being grateful for what we have leads to bigger and better. I think if we don't move to bigger and better we either stagnate where we are or fall backwards. Neither has any appeal to me. :)

:::visiting from Hello Monday:::

I am LOVD said...

So true, Jane, so true! It also, I think, comes down to, if one doesn't appreciate what they have currently, do they even deserve more?

Suzan Wood-Young said...

What a lovely thoughtful list. Yes, I did see the heart almost immediately, once I realized it said heart, not Definitely couldn't find the head.

Denise said...

i do have a gratitude journal. on #673. i had put it down for a while...thought i had my gratitude act together..boy was i wrong! i need to "enter his gates with thanksgiving in my heart every day!

speaking of the heart, i found it!

happy monday!

Rita said...

I saw the heart! :)

momto8 said...

I think about this often...and try to be happy I have dirty dishes because that means we ate, happy the house is messy because children are playing in it... I still complain too much though..
I found the heart.

Kara N said...

I've been struggling lately to find gratitude daily...what a nice reminder of all the places you can find reasons to be grateful for this wonderful likfe. I agree especially with Annmarie's comment.

Unknown said...

I used to keep one. I love to look back at it and see what I was thankful for. Some days they were really profound. Other days they were simple. Such a great idea! Maybe I need to start one again now that I'm a mom.


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