Monday, August 6, 2012

Gratitude Journal Monday

A simple thank you. It's what we, as parents, want from our children. Nothing more, really. We want the best for our kids. We're willing to go to great lengths to give them what they desire (come on - I know you've hunted down that coveted toy during Christmas, admit it). We want our children to just be happy. Their smile is our reward. And when our children utter those two words, our hearts fill up even more and we begin to look for more ways to provide for their fun.

That is the way our Father gives to us. He gives without strings, without wanting something back, something in return. Just like our children, we are the Taker, and He is the Giver. But just like us as parents, when we give, we are elated to hear those two simple words, just to know our efforts are appreciated. With or without those words, we continue to give to our children. We will continue to get from our Father without those words, too, but imagine how it pleases Him when we actually give thanks for our blessings? It is the same as it pleases us when we hear gratitude from our own kids.

Today, just say a simple thank you for all your blessings. It pleases Him immensely. I started my gratitude journal over a year ago. Here's my first thankful post, click here.

271. I am grateful we are like children, receiving unending gifts and blessings everyday.
272. I am thankful for my Father's willingness to still give, even when I forget to say thank you.
273. I am grateful for the extensive variety we have in our world from animals to flowers.
274. I am ever so grateful for my beautiful family; we are a close-knit pack of 3.
275. I am grateful for the work God is doing in me, reorganizing my priorities and giving me a new set of eyes so I may see my true blessings with clarity and ease.

My hope is your blessings are becoming more clear to you, too.

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