Monday, December 10, 2012

Gratitude Journal Monday

A tree, my kid, and his thoughts.
In all the excitement of the holidays, take a moment to declare your true blessings; the blessings that do not come all wrapped in a bow, or sit under a glowing tree. Be thankful for the simple, the ordinary, the every day. It's how we live most of the time in our lives. Find grace in that.

Thankfulness is pleasing to the Universe and the Universe thanks you right back. Happy Monday! If you want to see where and why I started my Gratitude Journal, click here.

361. I am grateful for my health: mind, body, and spirit.
362. I am grateful for the rain because it is not snow that I have to drive through.
363. I am grateful my cousin's son entered the world today and all are doing great.
364. I am grateful my nephew's 12th birthday is today and we wish we could be there in-person to celebrate.
365. I am grateful for living close to downtown where we can see all the light displays and enjoy some holiday cheer.


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