Monday, December 24, 2012

Gratitude Journal Monday

Anyone know the name of the unusual flower bud?
Here it is: the day before the big day! So many young, little hearts wait expectantly for tomorrow's morning to come. They wouldn't be the only ones waiting with great expectations. Over 2,000 years ago, there was a young, scared mother waiting expectantly for her Child of God to be born. There was a faithful, young father waiting expectantly to love a Child, not of his own. There were shepards in a field, waiting expectantly for a Miracle promised by a shining star. And, there were Wise Men, waiting expectantly to give gifts to the One that was destined to save us all.

My wish for you is that you wait expectantly for great things to come your way. Start each and every day knowing something good is going to happen to you today. "Impossible," you say? Not with an attitude of gratitude. It's not just about being thankful, it's about knowing that if all you have today is all you'll ever get, ever, it is enough. Look around you and begin to realize that any wrapped present that awaits you under the sparkling tree Christmas morn is something you probably could have lived without any way. You can't wrap health, love, peace, and happiness. But if you have those intangibles, you are rich with gifts intended for each and every being on this Earth. And, if you lack any of those, begin to wait expectantly while you thank graciously. Merry Christmas!

Give yourself a gift and begin your own Gratitude Journal. Here's where I got started, click here.

371. I am grateful for the magic and anticipation of Christmas that flows so easily through children - it's contagious.
372. I am grateful for those friends and family that spend Christmas day at our house, sharing a good meal and a few laughs with those we love.
373. I am grateful for the good health I enjoy, the love that surrounds me, the peace within me, and the choice of happiness I make daily.
374. I am grateful for all the yummy cookies given to us by many friends.
375. I am thankful for my wonderful friend, Pam, who is the most thoughtful, positive, unselfish, and caring person I know; I am so lucky to know her.

See you tomorrow for a special Christmas wish! 

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