Monday, March 4, 2013

Gratitude Journal Monday

The world doesn't owe us a thing. The relationship between us and Mother Earth is, at times, quite imbalanced. Yet, gifts continuously come from all around, through people and nature and life. How lucky we are to be living in such a luxurious time when clean, drinkable water runs from our tap anytime we thirst, or where warmth from a running furnace pulses air through the vents in every room keeping things comfy and cozy. Or, how about the freezer full of meat, ready to be cooked up for family meals around the kitchen table, if we'd only simply turn a knob on a stove (no firewood required). And even with all these riches, how is it possible to find complaint, fault, and longing for even more?

Society has come a long way, that is true. But with all our advancement, where has the gratitude gone? Ask 70% of the world's population, who lack these basics, how grateful they would be to have an infinite supply of clean, drinkable water, and you'll see gratitude and appreciation in its simplest form. Embarrassing for many, apathetic to most, enlightening to the very few.

Be the Enlightened. Please, join me in declaring some simple gratitude.

416. I am grateful for my winter boots that keep my feet warm and dry.
417. I am grateful for the swishing and sploshing of the washing machine, doing its job without my elbow grease, while I write this post today and do other things I enjoy.
418. I am grateful for Monday chores, finding quiet and peace and purpose in each activity.
419. I am grateful for clothes to wash, dishes to dry, and pans to put away; it means we're well-dressed and well-fed.
420. I am grateful for the full-blown sunshine burning away the clouds and illuminating blues, greens, and whites to its fullest intensity.

If you'd like to see my Gratitude Journal beginning, click here. I hope you'll join me, leave a Comment expressing some gratitude of your own today.

I'm particularly proud of my flower photo today:-) 


Tami Von Zalez said...

What an amazing flower! Brings to mind one of my favorite quotes, "What a desolate place would be a world without flowers? -- It would be a face without a smile; a feast without a welcome. -- Are not flowers the stars of the earth?--And are not our stars the flowers of heaven?
Clara L. Balfour

Popped in from Photo Friday.

I am LOVD said...

Wow! That is such a beautiful comment. Thank you!

Ladies Holiday said...

What a beautiful practice- thank you for sharing it on the Photo Friday Blog Hop - it is inspiring!



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